Yabathilium fruit

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Yabathilium fruit
Uses Healing, Alchemy
Climate Terrain
✓ Arid
? Arid Temperate
? Cold Damp
? Cold Dry
? Freshwater
✓ Hot Damp
✓ Humid
? Moist
✓ Saltwater
? Snowy Arctic
? Temperate
? Barren Scrub
? Coniferous
? Cultivated
? Deciduous
? Grassland
? Hard Flat
? Hilly
? Mountainous
? Muddy Wetlands
? Plain Dirt
✓ Riparian
? Rough
? Sandy
? Subterranean
? Tropical

The yabathilium fruit is an herb that can restore moderate blood loss. It's other name is yavethalion.

Mechanical Benefit

Eating a yabathilium fruit provides a random amount of health points, generally ranging from 1-40. Unlike other herbs, it cannot be bundled, so it is helpful to brew the fruit into tinctures. It also does not induce roundtime when eaten.

Other Remedies


It has not been documented at this time where yabathilium fruit can be purchased from herbalist shops. It cannot be summoned by Herb Production (1118).

Alchemy Recipe

A tincture of yabathilium
  1. Add water
  2. Add yabathilium fruit
  3. Boil

Plant Information


Yabathilium.jpg The fruit of the yabathilium tree is small, greenish, and unfortunately, extremely bitter. Yabathilium tree grows on beaches and saltwater coastlines, and may be foraged in the wild.

Foraging Information

Each foraged yabathilium fruit has 1 bite.

Yabathilium fruit can be foraged in the following climates: sandy warm shores.

On Teras Isle, this fruit can be found on at least the Beach area west of Greymist Wood and at the dock-area and beach leading to the Ruined Temple as well as just west of the warehouse in the Fhorian Village.

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