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Use Ranged
Bonus +2
ST/DU 0/0
Rarity Uncommon
Weight Modifier Unknown
Special Properties Somewhat sighted (5 pts)
Primary Color Unknown

Yews have a tremendous capacity for longevity, and it is from this that the yew has come to symbolize great age, rebirth and reincarnation. The yew produces a close-grained, elastic wood that is similar to maple.

The yew tree is a non-magical but highly effective wood when used to create ranged weapons due to its elasticity. All parts of a yew tree are highly toxic except the bright red berry-like aril that surrounds the seed, which allows birds to consume the arils and distribute the seeds in their droppings.

A yew tree is long lived and slow-growing; the bark is scaly brown and the leaves are a long and dark green. The yew is an evergreen tree.