Zeminar (prime)

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Zeminar L'Draggor
Zeminar L'Draggor
Zeminar of the Obsidian Tower
Arist: Elena (https://www.instagram.com/elena.nedeleva/)
Race Dark Elf
Culture Dhe'nar
Class Temple Caste
Profession Sorcerer
Religion The Way
Affiliation(s) The Obsidian Tower
Loyalties Obsidian Tower, Dhe'nar, and The Way


You see Zeminar L'Draggor the Necromancer.
He appears to be a Dhe'nar Dark Elf.
It is difficult to properly see his features as the hood of his cloak is pulled down over his face.
He has a long-stemmed dark mistwood pipe clenched between his teeth, a Dhe'nari temple caste tattoo on his neck, and a small black skull tattoo on his wrist.
He is holding a twisted pale grey-scaled runestaff in his right hand.
He is wearing a deep red spidersilk cloak edged with silver veniom threading, a black ora chain, an ebon spidersilk sack slung over his shoulder, some black spidersilk robes with torn and charred sleeves, a pair of grey leather gloves with articulated golvern-plated fingers, a dark violet leather satchel adorned with finger bones, a charcoal grey velvet gem pouch, and some bone-buckled leather boots.


Before Arriving in Wehnimer's Landing ~4480 to 5097

Born around 4480 in Sharath, Zeminar learned the art of Ko'ar'lai'sha before being captured and enslaved by a cult of Gosaena at a very early age.

Around 4520, Zeminar escaped the grasp of the cult and began to travel the lands as an adventurer, honing his skills and planning his revenge.

Zeminar returned to the cult of Gosaena, killed the leader, and freed the others of the sorcery that bound them, including his younger brother Aenternoll L'Draggor.

Both Aenternoll and Zeminar traveled Elanthia far and wide for many years, eventually ending up in Wehnimer's landing around 5097 where they have resided since.