Zerroth Wetchir

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Zerroth Wetchir
Storyline Griffin Sword Saga
The Uncertain Times
Alias/Title High Priest
Affiliation(s) V'tull, Dark Alliance

The V'tullian High Priest Zerroth was one of the four high priests belonging to the Dark Alliance during the Griffin Sword Saga.


You see Zerroth Wetchir the V'tullian Berserker.
He appears to be in the prime of life and is of an utterly towering height.  He has solid crimson eyes and pale alabaster skin.  He has long matted, black hair tied back tightly into a ragged ponytail.  His hands appear to have been burnt into huge blackened talons, whose surfaces are wrought with crimson trails of fiery lava that shift restlessly with blurred waves of heat.
He has numerous dark markings branded deeply into the flesh of his face.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a massive serrated black ora sword in his right hand.
He is wearing a suit of heavily stained black plate set with curved shoulder-spikes, a pair of ragged black leather boots reinforced with stained iron, a dark iron-bound sheath, and a tattered deep crimson cape.

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