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Category: Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins
Topic: Duskruin Arena
Message #: 5997
Author: GS4-MIKOS
Date: 4/23/2017
Subject: Living quills

>Do these little buggers play well with the EG egg-hatched monstrosities?

Depends on what exactly you mean by "play well". At present they just ignore each other, but they're compatible as far as wearing one of each at the same time. Both sets were designed with cross-interactions in mind, there just hasn't been time to get it all in place.

The verb sets are as similar as was practical, so SHOW (object) TO QUILL provides the means to feed them (although the cricket salesman's updates aren't in place yet, so the tentacled quills will have to go hungry for a bit longer).

Also, neither set has any ambient messaging at present, but the quills situation kind of begs for it, so we'll see.

- Mikos