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"Own Yourself"
Race Half-Krolvin
Culture Rafi'kaes
Profession Militiaman
Religion Onar
Affiliation(s) House of the Rising-Phoenix, Order of Sphere and Scythe, Voln
Disposition Grim
Greatest Strength Stoic
Hobbies Defending the Landing
Likes Silence, victory in battle
Dislikes Weakness, noise, drama

Zurd Is a member of the Whenimer's Landing Militia. He seldom speaks of his own history but will talk about the enslavement of his people and his need to redeem them from the dishonor of their bondage. Zurd sees his service to Voln as a way of combating slavery which he sees as unacceptable in all forms.

If induced to speak of himself, Zurd claims that his first memory is of living as an urchin in the back alleyways of the Landing, living off scraps and whatever rats he was able to kill with a makeshift spear.
He does not concern himself with concepts of good or evil but rather is concerned with honor and dedication to one's commitments. Zurd fights to ensure that the Landing remains a free city and to liberate any whom he believes to be controlled by others.


Through a silver-flecked light azure haze, you see a half-krolvin Champion of Onar with pale skin and brooding greenish-grey eyes. Interspersed within the dim aura are miniature white skulls that float around him.

He is holding a bloodstained krolvin pike etched with fel glyphs his right hand.

Zurd is tall for a half-krolvin and appears to be middle aged. He has brooding greenish-grey eyes and pale skin. He has very long, thick jet black hair worn in a ponytail. He has a weathered face, a beak-like nose and a broad chest.