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Rafi'kaes are a seafaring klinast–the wanderers and explorers. This klinast has the loosest affiliations of all the klinastes as it is composed of those individuals with a deep bond with the natural environment–the icy land or the nearly freezing ocean waters. As a result of their Krolvin blood, many of the Half-Krolvin benefit from a partial immunity to the rigors of their cold home–those who belong to Rafi'kaes are the ones who enjoy this advantage to the utmost. Since most of its members prefer to be off exploring new shores or sailing the distant seas, this klinast never gained much power or even a large following. The most common training of Rafi'kaes members are martial skills, the training of a ranger, or, very occasionally, an elemental magic user.

The Rafi'kaes have a stylized wave as their symbol.


Half-Krolvin - edit
Famous Half-Krolvin: