2019-01-25 - Premium OOC Meeting (log)

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Premium/Mist Harbor OOC Meeting

GMs Present: Quilic (hosting), Jainna, Kynlee, Zoelle, Tivvy


[Auditorium, Golden Singularity]
This cavernous space is lined with benches of all sorts and sizes surrounding a small clearing. Not a single support can be seen holding up the roof, which is hundreds of feet overhead, and illuminated by unseen light sources that slowly drift through the color spectrum, while never losing their radiance. Inconspicuous lights outline the paths between the seats, and soft music can be heard filling the space. Near the center of the space is a small table bearing refreshments. You also see a fluffy kitten, a huge incarnadine vathor, a wrought iron mirror and a large curtain obscuring the way back to reality.
Obvious paths: none

You ask, "OK, I'm going to open it up and we'll let the horde in?"
Jainna cowers.
Jainna exclaims, "I mean, sure!"
Jainna giggles.
You say, "Kay, BRB."
The singularity spirals suddenly, and a way through materializes at the center of it!
{All the people roll in}
You exclaim, "Welcome, everyone! Help yourself to refreshments!"
The notch-eared tomcat lets out a plaintive 'mrowr' as it winds its way amongst the benches. Purring, it rubs itself up against one of the legs of the small table, its eyes closed in pleasure.
You recite:

   "So, we'll give people a few minutes to show up and get settled."

You recite:

   "But thank you everyone for coming out.  The rough plan of attack is a recap of what's been happening, storyline-wise, then some discussion about upcoming storyline stuffs, then whatever other business the rest of the GM Team has, then we'll open up for questions and suggestions."

You exclaim, "OK folks, let's get this party started!"
You say, "So, first and foremost, help yourselves to refreshments."
You nod to the small table.
You say, "Now, for those who have been unaware, we've had some goings-on here in Mist Harbor."
You say, "There's been an ongoing storyline that lasted the second half of last year, and is currently framed out through the end of this year."
You say, "I'll go through it with broad strokes, and since I see some of the usual suspects here, they can fill in any holes that I miss."
Khaell says, "I, swear up on my honor as a paladin, will attempt to not slay anymore, but I cannot stand idle in the presence of evil....that is all."
Khaell coughs.
You snicker at Khaell.
Khaell shuffles his feet.
Nodyre turns to Khaell and cheers!
You say, "So, big evil guy going by the name of Nazhor showed up a little bit ago and strongarmed his way into ownership of the pawnshop in town."
You say, "He was introduced to Cendadric (the pawnshop owner) by Penre, a merchant with all around questionable morals."
The notch-eared tomcat crouches down, its butt wiggling in the air for a long moment before it pounces on something impossible to see. Its head whips back and forth in confusion before it realizes it's being watched. The notch-eared tomcat haughtily raises its head and struts away.
You say, "Nazhor started making vague references to an incoming Lady Drake, who he was waiting on."
You say, "Around this time, Elspie and Brannogh moved into town, she fresh off the Demonwall, where she served as an Imperial Drake. She had retired, and the two of them were building their retirement home here."
You say, "Bandits showed up and murdered Brannogh, and Elspie was... vexed."
You say, "Elspie held a memorial service for Brannogh, and during the service, her house was ransacked."
Darcena mouths, "Vexed."
You nod firmly at Darcena.
You say, "Very."
You say, "Elspie went to report the ransacking of her home, but the First Sergeant was... unhelpful."
You say, "There was another individual there, by the name of Duvainiel, who proceeded to mock Elspie rather cruelly."
You say, "The First Sergeant seemed oblivious to the whole thing, and gave noncommittal replies when things were directed his way."
Jainna says, "He's not very good, honestly."
Jainna examines her fingernails.
The notch-eared tomcat crouches down, its butt wiggling in the air for a long moment before it pounces on something impossible to see. Its head whips back and forth in confusion before it realizes it's being watched. The notch-eared tomcat haughtily raises its head and struts away.
Jainna smirks.
You say, "Duvainiel suggested that Nazhor might know something about the ransacking of the house, and Elspie, incensed, charged off to confront the man."
Elysia says, "And Duvaniel is so... rude."
Elysia grins.
You grin at Elysia.
Jainna agrees with Nehor.
Nodyre begins chuckling at Elysia!
Nodyre says, "The rogue'o'Talador."
You say, "When Elspie confronted Nazhor, he denied everything, mocking her. She snapped and attacked him, but he dispelled her attack easily, then had her arrested by the First Sergeant."
Jainna asks, "Oh sure, NOW he does his job?"
Jainna scoffs.
Speaking to Jainna, Darcena says, "I'm looking at you suspiciously."
Jeril says, "Maybe he is on the take."
Jeril nods at Jainna.
Nodyre begins chuckling at Darcena!
Khaell chuckles.
You say, "Ilsola, the Town Administrator, called an information-gathering meeting so she could be brought up to speed on what had happened."
Speaking to Darcena, Khobra remarks, "Not the only."
Khaell says, "I think he only did his job twice now that i think of it..."
Khaell whistles tunelessly to himself.
You say, "During the meeting, the First Sergeant acted more and more strangely, seeming to have periods of lucidity mixed with obviously false memories."
Speaking to Nehor, Darcena says, "Her husband was murdered in front of her. ANd she has a temper."
You say, "He swore that he hadn't arrested anyone in some time, and was unable to provide any useful information about the whereabouts of Elspie, or Nazhor."
You say, "During the meeting, some of the onlookers heard whispers from someone they believed to be Elspie."
You say, "Ilsola suggested that the group talk to Cendadric, as he might be a source of more information."
You say, "When the group talked to Cendadric, however, he was similarly unreliable, clearly unable to keep a straight story."
You say, "A few days later, Ilsola received a message from someone she believed to be Elspie, who asked that she gather supporters and meet at a specific time and place."
You say, "When they had gathered, Elspie's message came via a series of whispers, wherein she explained that she was locked away in a magical cell, but that they had underestimated her abilities, and she was able to get past the wards to a certain degree, but only when Nazhor was not present."
You say, "She relayed that Nazhor and Duvainiel were pursuing an object of power."
You say, "Elspie delivered to the group, through use of her magic, some enchanted tokens that could be used to locate the item in question, and she urged them to find it first and keep it safe."
Porcell asks, "What's the item in question?"
Speaking to Porcell, you say, "We're getting to that. Darcena's favorite person had it."
You glance at Darcena.
Darcena snickers.
Speaking to Porcell, Tivvy says, "You read the last page of the book first, don't you."
Darcena explains, "That's sarcasm, by the way."
Lylia grins at Darcena.
You say, "The group took their tokens and went in search of the item of power. They found it in the possession of one Mazorn, a Trader based in River's Rest."
Porcell says, "Hey, if i got a question, i'm gonna ask."
Darcena sneers, "Mazorn."
Speaking to Porcell, Erek asks, "How does it end then?"
You say, "However, the group had been tricked. They had located the item, but had been followed by Duvainiel. They'd done the hard work for the bad guys."
Elysia says, "With tears, and a journey."
Erek laughs at Elysia!
Nazarr groans.
Darcena nods at Elysia.
Nehor gasps.
Elysia giggles.
Leafiara amusedly says, "Good times."
Jeril chuckles.
Leafiara snickers.
Jeril says, "Typical."
Jainna agrees with Jeril.
Darcena says, "Oh, she gets hers."
Porcell says, "I was gonna go with an appology, but tears'll do."
You say, "Duvainiel used an item of her own, which transported the item away, then she, too disappeared, mocking the group."
Nehor says, "They seem to enjoy mocking."
You nod in agreement at Nehor.
Nehor approvingly says, "Excellent."
Jeril says, "Can't really blame them."
Speaking to Nehor, Elysia says, "Duvaniel would give you a run for your silvers."
Elysia grins at Nehor.
Nehor scoffs.
You say, "Ilsola contacted Elspie's former commander in the Drakes, who came to town to assist in finding her."
Speaking amusedly to Elysia, Nehor says, "Should Nehor and him have a mock-off? Id be down."
You say, "Ilsola had had Penre located, and the Commander set to work on him, using magic to try and pry the secrets out of his mind."
Darcena says, "A moment of silence for the commander."
Speaking to Nehor, Elysia says, "Well, she's a she... and yes that would be highly entertaining."
Jeril begins chortling at Elysia.
You say, "They got a little bit of information, but when things started to get interesting, Duvainiel leapt from hiding and killed the man, did a little mocking, then ran away."
Darcena says, "I really liked him, too."
Darcena says, "He had a very tragic story."
Jeril rubs Darcena gently.
Porcell says, "I gotta interject. i like all the mocking."
Speaking to Darcena, Nehor says, "Thats probably why he was killed."
Darcena says, "In love with Elspie for however many years."
Darcena says, "Her husband gets murdered."
Darcena says, "Maybe could have made a move."
You say, "The one thing they had managed to get from Penre was the word 'beneath', and Ilsola decided that was enough to start looking."
Darcena says, "And murdered trying to rescue her from an insane psychopath."
Darcena sighs loudly.
Leafiara rubs Darcena gently.
Jeril tickles Darcena as they grin at each other.
You say, "She gathered the group and they went searching. They found a flaming portal behind the actual gravestone where Elspie's husband was buried."
You say, "When they went through the portal, they found themselves in Elspie and Brannogh's bedroom, with one wall completely covered in flames."
Darcena says, "This was the second coolest part."
You say, "The flames were slowly dispelled by the use of water magic, and they revealed a locked door."
You say, "Once the door had been unlocked, the group rushed in and found Duvainiel and Elspie both, locked away. Elspie was catatonic, but Duvainiel was just stunned."
Khaell says, "Did everyone see the portal in the grave or was that something that was just sent to me...just curious...."
Khaell blushes a glowing shade of red.
Darcena says, "Whoa, whoa."
Darcena says, "This whole thing was a puzzle with clues."
Speaking to Khaell, you say, "Others saw it."
Darcena says, "That players had to solve."
Khaell nods quickly!
Khaell says, "Ok."
Darcena says, "Including putting out the fire."
You nod in agreement at Darcena.
Darcena says, "It was very, very, very cool."
You say, "It was all set up as a puzzle."
Darcena says, "And you'er selling it short."
Khaell nods.
Darcena stares at you.
Nehor says, "A good interactive event."
You exclaim, "I'm hitting the high points!"
Speaking to Darcena, Tivvy says, "He does that."
Khaell says, "I was debating if breeze would blow it out, or just burn us all."
Khaell chuckles.
Darcena says, "It was super neat."
You say, "On the wall above the two women was scrawled a message, saying basically "I'm done with her"."
Darcena says, "Anyway, sorry. Carry on."
Khobra turns an inquisitive ear toward you.
Nehor says, "Thats ominous."
You say, "When Duvainiel realized she'd been cast aside, she was beside herself with hysterical grief."
Darcena mutters, "Deserved it."
You say, "Of course, she died a few times before we got that much out of her."
You cough.
Darcena says, "I felt really bad though. Darcena did not."
Darcena stares at Khaell.
Khaell nods at Darcena.
Darcena snickers at you!
Khaell says, "I did raise her the first time."
Khaell whistles tunelessly to himself.
Khaell grins.
You say, "HOWEVER, then Elspie slowly started to come around."
You say, "She was muttering about ripples, and annihilation, and all kinds of fun stuff. She wandered out of the room, unresponsive to anyone."
You say, "Ilsola took the opportunity to lock Duvainiel in the cell, and the players attempted to break Elspie out of her trance."
You say, "They had to figure out that Elspie (a water-based mage) would respond to the ocean. They coaxed her out onto the dock near her home and she slowly started to come around."
You say, "And she DAMN near lost it. She started to rage, and the players had to calm her down."
You say, "Then she broke down, and said she needed time to grieve, so she would travel until she felt whole again, then she would come back and fight alongside the others."
You exclaim, "Ta dah!"
Khaell says, "To be honest....i was kinda hoping she would go just straight up crazy...."
You say, "That brings us roughly to now."
Khaell says, "I'm glad she didn't, but a part of me wanted to see it."
Khaell grins.
Speaking to Khaell, you say, "That was definitely a possibility. I was ready to do it."
Porcell says, "Oh, so this is the ongoing story line."
You grin at Khaell.
You nod at Porcell.
Khaell grins at you.
Nehor nods at Porcell.
Speaking to Khaell, Jeril asks, "Aren't all women just straight crazy anyway?"
Jeril whistles tunelessly to himself.
You say, "So, going forward from here, I'm going to be working on a fixed schedule for this storyline."
Nehor turns an inquisitive ear toward you.
You say, "Same times and days of the week."
Nehor says, "Fixed schedules are very helpful."
Darcena applauds you warmly.
Nazarr says, "Oh, good, something we can plan for."
Avawren nods in agreement.
Darcena says, "Darcena understands grief."
Porcell asks, "So, i can log in to prime and take part for the 'scheduled' times?"
Aranthius asks, "Can you state those for us who are newly interested?"
Leafiara hopefully asks, "What's the schedule?"
You nod at Porcell.
Porcell says, "Nice."
You say, "It'll be Thursday evenings from 830 to 1000, and Sunday afternoons from 400 to 600pm (all EST)"
Leafiara nods understandingly.
Darcena says, "And I offer to anyone who wants to catch up in character, find a reason to stop by Pur's Pub and talk to Darcena."
Khaell says, "Well, you were really the only one trying to help her, the rest of us mostly just stood around at that point probably debating with ourselves if that was going to be the moment when she destroyed the town."
Khaell chuckles.
Porcell asks, "In which town is the story line currently taking place?"
Nehor says, "And I assume there is no level limit or requirement or anything? Apologies if this is stuff people all know, but I am new to Quilic stories."
Nehor smiles.
Darcena says, "She's more than happy to fill people in on the Green Lady storyline and the beginning of Elspie's story."
Darcena says, "Plur's Pub. Wehnimer's Landing."
Porcell says, "Thanks."
You say, "The storyline is so far totally contained in Mist Harbor."
Nazarr nods at Darcena.
Porcell says, "Ahh cool."
Leafiara repeats, "So far!"
You say, "And there is no level requirement as of yet. There has yet to be any sort of invasion."
Jahadeem quietly says, "I tend to stay in the Landing a lot."
You note, "Yet."
Nehor chuckles.
Khaell says, "I think the only thing that was really required was a level 3 wizard spell."
Khaell chuckles.
Leafiara says, "There were those water creatures in the pawnshop..."
You wave your hand in a dismissive gesture.
Leafiara says, "But yeah, pretty weak."
Leafiara giggles.
Nehor says, "Fair. Nehor would just run at the first sign of danger, and likely trip everyone else to make sure that they were busy getting killed so he could escape."
Aranthius confidently says, "That will keep out the Unwashed masses."
Khaell says, "Those couldn't have been much older then 15ish..."
You say, "I'm building some things for the next chapter which won't be ready before the next event. So I will be starting back up after that Event."
Darcena says, "Understandable."
You say, "Best to plan on things getting back underway towards the beginning of March."
Nehor nods.
You say, "And I'll be sure to let people know when I have a firm date."
You say, "Also, for those who don't know, I'm almost always available on Discord, and I do my best to echo things of interest to the Premium Channel there."
Darcena says, "The premium channel on the official Discord, side note."
You nod at Darcena.
You say, "What she said."
You ask, "So that's storyline stuff! Any questions or anything about that?"
You say, "Everyone is welcome. I try and keep it interesting, and so far the feedback is good. I definitely listen to feedback on my stories, and change things that need changing, so please feel free to speak up."
You say, "For instance... this last chapter of the story changed DRAMATICALLY because the players didn't do what they were supposed to."
Darcena stares at you.
Darcena shakes her head at you and clucks her tongue.
Nehor exclaims, "Damnable players!"
Shinann chuckles.
Tivvy grins at you.
Khobra smirks.
Erek says, "Not unusual.."
Erek coughs.
Khaell says, "I liked it very much, and with me not being able to hit KST, this works for me."
Speaking to you, Avawren says, "We're good at that."
Leafiara cackles!
Neopuron grins.
You say, "It turns out, when you kill a woman's husband, trick her into getting imprisoned, while mocking her incessantly... people tend to sympathize."
Speaking deeply to you, Clunk says, "Should expect the unexpected."
You mutter weird.
Darcena snickers at you!
Speaking quietly to Khaell, Jahadeem says, "I so agree about the KST versus this in timing."
Speaking quietly to you, Mni asks, "You stated that there is no level requirement? No race requirement as well?"
Khaell rubs his chin thoughtfully.
Speaking to Mni, you say, "No requirements of any kind so far."
Mni inclines her head.
You say, "IF there are invasions, well... invasions are invasions, and that'll sort itself out in the usual way."
Quilic polishes his halo.
Jeril snickers at you!
Khaell whistles tunelessly to himself.
Mni smiles at you.
You exclaim, "OK, the only other thing on my personal list is Premium Fest!"
Avawren lets out a cheer!
Mni applauds.
Nehor says, "Ooo. Tell me more."
You say, "We've got all kinds of cool things going on, almost none of which I can tell you yet, because it might change and then you'd all howl, "But Quilic SAID..."."
Kupaka sagely asks, "When is premium fest?"
Nehor asks, "We'll howl anyway?"
Nehor grins.
Jeril grins at you.
Mni grins.
Aranthius throws his head back and howls!
You say, "Premium Fest is going to be all new this year. We have a new venue, a new storyline, and all that good stuff."
Darcena says, "I do not howl---- oh wait."
Avawren says, "Ooooo."
Elysia says, "Ooh."
Elysia beams!
You say, "And it will run in the summer, as always."
Avawren says, "That is super exciting."
Darcena says, "Wait. What."
Speaking to you, Chaoswynd asks, "Wait, no wood sprites?"
Darcena asks, "We're getting rid of the Shakespeare theme?"
Erek says, "Yay new stuff."
Speaking to Chaoswynd, you say, "No wood sprites."
Chaoswynd pouts.
Speaking to you, Nehor asks, "Will this be prime-instance only?"
Speaking to you, Chaoswynd asks, "No tree either then?"
Darcena says, "Okay, give me a month to adjust."
Speaking to Darcena, Tivvy says, "And I so enjoyed feeding you all to the plant."
Darcena says, "I don't deal well with change."
Darcena groans at Tivvy.
Chaoswynd just nudged Darcena.
Jeril rubs Darcena gently.
Mni smiles at Tivvy.
Jeril snickers at Tivvy.
Speaking to Nehor, you say, "I can honestly say I'm not 100% sure, so I hesitate to say one way or the other, but I BELIEVE (please don't quote me) it'll be in all instances."
Nehor nods.
Speaking to you, Avawren says, "Well phrased."
(Nehor prepares his 'But Quilic said...' forum complaint post.)
Speaking to you, Tivvy says, "I've already quoted you in three locations."
Mni giggles.
You say, "The fest this time around is going to be fairly heavy on storyline, while also containing the same level of merchanty goodness as always."
You say, "At least that's the plan."
Mni nods.
Nehor nods.
You try to pinch Tivvy, but she leans away just in time.
Tivvy smiles smugly.
You say, "OK! That's all I had as far as old and new business."
Kupaka sagely asks, "Still in August?"
Speaking to Kupaka, you say, "I can't confirm or deny anything beyond 'summer' at this point."
Kupaka nods.
Jeril chuckles.
Darcena applauds you.
You say, "We're working on some things this year for Premium as a whole, but very little is stuff we can definitively say will happen, so we're not quite ready to tease it."
You exclaim, "But there IS stuff coming this year. I can promise that much!"
Jeril chuckles.
You stare at nothing in particular.
Jeril exclaims, "Yay, stuff!"
Speaking quietly to you, Jahadeem asks, "Any chance of dual citizenship in Mist Harbor ?"
Speaking to you, Neopuron asks, "What kind of stuff?"
Speaking to you, Avawren says, "You're speaking Game Dev now."
Neopuron grins.
Avawren smirks.
Speaking to Jahadeem, you exclaim, "That's... an excellent question. I'll ask!"
Darcena says, "Hm."
Speaking quietly to you, Jahadeem says, "I can think of a lot of good reasons for it from a player standpoint."
Speaking to Avawren, you say, "I'm still new. I can't flail around too much without getting in trouble."
You wink at Avawren.
Kaldonis says, "Or if not dual-citizenship, being able to anchor our teleport items without handing them off to a citizen would be handy."
Avawren grins at you.
Jeril laughs at you!
Kupaka sagely says, "Today I learned you can anchor your telerport items."
You exclaim, "OK! So, what I'm going to do is open up this list thingie here. If you have a question or suggestion, please JOIN the list, and we'll go in order and try and answer things as best we can!"
Speaking to Kupaka, Archales says, "I think you have to be a citizen of mist harbor to get your transporter anchored."
Speaking to Porcell, Avawren says, "Merchant service, for Mist Harbor citizens only."
Kupaka sagely asks, "But HOW?"
Chaoswynd says, "I think the mist harbor citizen verbs alone are plenty of reason. There's like five different kinds of face palms."
Nehor says, "Thank you for your time. I need to go prep for some plat stuff! Interesting info, I will definitely try to start making it to Quilic Story Hour."
Speaking to Kupaka, Kynlee says, "It's a random merchant thing."

Question 1, from Naamit: Premium Contest Submissions

You turn to face Naamit.
Speaking to Naamit, you ask, "Whatcha got?"
Speaking to you, Naamit asks, "Question I have is, can we see more of the premium contest submissions show up in Four Winds? Either in standard shops, popup shops, merchant offerings, etc.?"
Speaking to Naamit, you say, "That's something that's on my list, to be sure. I don't personally run the contests, but so many good ideas flow through there, I'd love to take advantage of them."
Speaking to Naamit, you say, "Part of the problem is that Mist Harbor as it is, is a bit of a sprawl. Expanding even more, when most people only pop up for spells and handoffs, isn't high on the priority list."
Speaking to you, Naamit exclaims, "That's the beauty of limited release popup merchants and services!"
Naamit winks at you.
You grin at Naamit.
Naamit says, "That's all I have. Last year I asked 10 questions and added 1000 comments so I'll keep it light this year."
Quilic makes a note.

Question 2, from Avawren: Mist Harbor Lore

You turn to face Avawren.
Speaking to Avawren, you ask, "Whatcha got?"
Jeril says, "If they want people to use this place more, should add more hunting grounds."
Leafiara turns to Jeril and cheers!
Regwen nods in agreement at Jeril.
Kupaka sagely says, "Exactly.. there's nothing much to do here except a couple of camps."
Avawren says, "Could we have some sort of refresher on Mist Harbor lore? Once storyline started up here I realized that I kind of ... go a bit OOC when I'm here. Because I don't actually know where I am, or how I got here."
Kupaka sagely says, "Add a post cap hunting ground."
Kupaka sagely says, "So people have stuff to do."
Luxelle agrees with Avawren.
Speaking to Avawren, you say, "There's SO MUCH. Like, really... a LOT."
You stare at nothing in particular.
Avawren says, "If that's an official doc, or just a nice forum post it would be SUPER helpful."
Darcena says, "But it's not available to us."
Darcena glances at you and pouts.
Luxelle mutters wiki.
Speaking to Avawren, you say, "But I could see about putting together a primer and getting it up on the Wiki. I had some confusion myself when I got assigned to this team."
Speaking to Avawren, Chaoswynd says, "Yeah, he's not kidding. FWI is super old, and a lot of stuff has happened here since the first day it opened. There's some stuff on the wiki about it tho."
Avawren nods in agreement to you.
Speaking to you, Khaell asks, "Will some of your storylines alter the city any? such as an area being sundered due to some malignant evil?"
Speaking to Khaell, you say, "No comment."
Khaell nods.
Khaell says, "Right-o."
Leafiara snickers.
Jeril chuckles.
Tivvy grins evilly.
Speaking to you, Avawren says, "Just a catch up of forgotten stuff, since everything gets forgotten in this game it seems."
Avawren grins at you.
You say, "With a note about FWI hunting..."
Speaking to Khaell, Leafiara says, "Even if he hadn't planned on that, now he will."
Leafiara glances upward and whistles quietly, an innocent look on her face.
You say, "This is something that I'm personally trying VERY hard to get pushed through. It's being discussed, but I'm working on it as best I can. That's the best I can offer right now."
Jeril nods to you.
Porcell says, "Cool."

Question 3, from Kaldonis: Mist Harbor Profession Guilds

You turn to face Kaldonis.
Archales nods approvingly.
Speaking to Kaldonis, you ask, "Whatcha got?"
Kaldonis says, "Ooh ooh me."
Kaldonis raises his hand.
Kaldonis waves.
Kaldonis beams!
Kaldonis giggles.
Kaldonis clears his throat.
Kaldonis says, "I was just wondering, with Guild Night getting quite popular these days..."
Kaldonis nods slowly.
Kaldonis says, "I think we are lacking a sorcerer and wizard branches here."
You give a short little hum of surprise.
Speaking to Kaldonis, you say, "I... was unaware of that. I can't really say much more than, "I'll be sure and pass that up the line", but I'll be sure and pass that up the line."
You nod sagely at Kaldonis.
Kaldonis says, "So I was just wondering if there's any chance painting up a couple guilds might be a possibility."
Khaell grins at you.
Quilic polishes his halo.
Jeril grins at you.
Kaldonis says, "No skills nothing. Just some cool looking and functional ones. I think rogue, warrior, cleric, and empath all have branches."
Speaking to you, Chaoswynd says, "Yeah, see if we can get a ranger and bard guild here. That'd be great."
You nod understandingly at Kaldonis.
Chaoswynd winks at you.
Kaldonis says, "And if the rangers want a food cart, cool."
Naamit says, "There IS a bard guild on FWI."
Speaking to Kaldonis, Archales says, "You could use the bard guild."

Question 4, from Tivvy: Pronunciation

You turn to face Tivvy.
Speaking to Tivvy, you ask, "You had a question?"
You raise an eyebrow in Tivvy's direction.
Speaking to Tivvy, Erek exclaims, "Ask, quick before he picks someone else!"
You sigh.
Speaking to you, Tivvy asks, "Is it pronounced 'Quill-LICK' or 'QUILL-ick'?"
Leafiara giggles.
Elysia snickers at Tivvy.
You tap your glowing sign, and the word KEY illuminates with a radiant golden glow. After a brief moment, it extinguishes, and the word LICK lights up in similar fashion.
Chaoswynd starts chortling.
Erek laughs!
Jeril laughs at Tivvy!
You nod firmly at Tivvy.

Question 5, from Kupaka, Fusion Orb Merchant

You turn to face Kupaka.
Speaking to Kupaka, you ask, "Whatcha got?"
Kupaka sagely asks, "I want to know if orb pulling merchant is coming back?"
You say, "I haven't the foggiest. But I can ask around and see what we can do."
Kupaka nods.

Question 6, from Obsalyn: Monthly Wagons

You turn to face Obsalyn.
Speaking to Obsalyn, you ask, "Whatcha got?"
Obsalyn says, "I love the wagons when they pop up, but was wondering if we could get a monthly wagon of goodness, whatever really, but something new to shop every month."
You ponder.
Speaking to Obsalyn, you say, "The only issue there is that time spent stocking that wagon with once-off stuffs is time not spent making something more permanent..."
Speaking to Obsalyn, you say, "But I definitely get the appeal."
Jainna agrees with you.
Obsalyn says, "Or just more shops."
Obsalyn grins.
Obsalyn says, "Either really."
You grin at Obsalyn.
Jainna says, "There are the carts that rotate with the seasons."
Quilic makes a note... MORE.... SHOPS.....
Elysia nods to you.

Question 7 and 8, from Archales: Raffle and Shop Suggestions

You turn to face Archales.
Speaking to Archales, you ask, "Whatcha got?"
Archales says, "I had more suggestions than questions I think."
Speaking to Archales, you say, "Suggestions are fine. I reserve the right to pretend to listen and ignore you completely, though."
Leafiara snickers.
Jeril laughs at you!
Jainna says, "That's good cause I'm all out of answers."
Diablic turns to you and cheers!
Jeril tickles Jainna as they grin at each other.
Regwen snickers.
Jainna giggles.
(Khaell notices Quilic not paying attention....)
Speaking quietly to you, Jahadeem says, "That's ok we reserve the right to say your name wrong in public."
Quilic listens attentively.
Khaell snickers.
Archales says, "Can we request raffles cause I want a gem chisel, I'd also love for the cigar merchant to come back, I do have to say I have really enjoyed hunting bandits, the confluence, and warcamps here so looking forward to more reasons to explore the cloud forest."
Jainna winks at Jeril.
Speaking to Archales, you say, "Sorry, I wasn't listening, but you've stopped talking, so I'll just say, "Thank you! I'll look into that!"."
Jainna grins wryly.
Jeril raises his voice in merry laughter.
Leafiara grins impishly.
Archales says, "I would like to suggest that mist harbor have a few more unusual merchants/seasonal things for sale that might be harder to find other places. like poisons, or magic crystals, or master quality instruments."
Speaking to Archales, you say, "In seriousness, you're certainly welcome to request raffles at any time. And I can find out about a cigar merchant."
Speaking to Archales, you say, "I'm definitely trying to find ways to get people to come to Mist Harbor, and stay here a bit more often. Things like that would help."
You nod in agreement.

Question 9, from Leafiara: Premium Point Items

You turn to face Leafiara.
Leafiara turns to face you.
Speaking to Leafiara, you ask, "Whatcha got?"
You grin at Leafiara.
Leafiara curiously asks, "Is there any chance of new things ever being added that are buyable for premium points?"
Leafiara tilts her head toward you, examining you intently as the tip of one ear twitches briefly.
Porcell says, "That's a good question."
Kynlee asks, "Like?"
Leafiara says, "Hmm... fluff unlocks."
Leafiara rubs her chin thoughtfully.
Jainna says, "We've had sales on stuff in the past."
You nod in agreement at Jainna.
Jainna says, "Xerria already does fluff unlocks."
Jainna grins at Leafiara.
Obsalyn says, "I would pay for unlocks for stuff Xerria doesn't do."
Leafiara says, "Not some of the more expensive ones... unless really lucky."
Leafiara whistles tunelessly to herself.
Jainna scoffs.
Jainna exclaims, "Picky picky!"
Leafiara flails her arms about.
You say, "If you want to suggest specific things, we can run that up the flagpole and see. The officials would probably be a good place to do that."
Leafiara asks, "I was more just curious if there were any plans to expand... in the past it's been stuff like enchanting or padding that were appealing to me, but with the smithy and DR certs it's kinda... not as needed anymore?"
You nod understandingly.
Speaking to Leafiara, you exclaim, "I haven't a clue if there are any plans to expand, but I can ask!"
Leafiara nods understandingly to you.

Question 10, from Aranthius: Monthly Spell Item

You turn to face Aranthius.
Aranthius says, "Hi."
Quilic is sooooper helpful.
Leafiara says, "All I can really ask! I'll try to think of suggestions too."
Leafiara attempts to hum a merry little tune.
Speaking to Aranthius, you ask, "Hi! Whatcha got?"
Jainna mutters something about nerfs.
You beam happily at Jainna!
Aranthius says, "Just wanted to ask if you guys could revamp the spell of the month item? Many don't even remember it."
Speaking to Aranthius, you ask, "How do you mean, 'revamp'?"
Aranthius says, "Do something to make more interesting."
Speaking to Aranthius, Jainna says, "The original plan was to change the spells every year, but I kinda dropped the ball and now it's not my department."
Jainna grins.
Speaking to you, Jainna says, "Write it down, we'll tell Kynlee to get on that."
Jainna grins at Kynlee.
You nod enthusiastically at Jainna!
Kynlee stares at Jainna.
Jainna attempts to hum a merry little tune.
Speaking to Jainna, Kynlee says, "I could throw on an analyze... maybe."
Kynlee grins at Jainna.
Leafiara suggests, "Maybe they could have a few different settings with different spells or other options on them, so they're more useful and people don't ignore them."
Jainna laughs!
Aranthius says, "Every month the items spell changes."

Questions 11-16, from Jahadeem: Dual Citizenship, Boosts, FWI Transports, OOC Areas, Premium Point Review, Illyan Cloud

You turn to face Jahadeem.
Speaking to Jahadeem, you ask, "Whatcha got?"
Speaking quietly to you, Jahadeem says, "Sorry if this is too much... 1) Other than dual-citizenship... ; 2) How about being able to trade out our boosts for boosts we want more? ; 3) And any chance to force a medallion to port me to a specific square, such as Gardenia Commons, instead of random places? ; 4) Can we change these OOC areas to stop our spells from wearing out? ; 5) I would like to request a review of the current cost of Premium Point stuff ; 6) I would love to have the Illyan Cloud come back."
Jahadeem chuckles.
You exclaim, "OK.... 1) We'll see. 2) Probably not. 3) That is a semi-rare merchant service that comes around 4) Probably not, but I can ask 5) Pretty unlikely, as they were already re-evaluated but I can mention it, and 6) Noted!"
Avawren applauds you.
Elysia gawks at you.
Jeril applauds you.
Tivvy blinks at you.
Jahadeem applauds you.
Khaell says, "All in one breath."
Khaell grins.
You stare at nothing in particular.
Neopuron grins.
Speaking quietly to you, Jahadeem says, "Nice work on the answer thanks."
Jainna says, "And addition to #3 - You can only get that service if you are a citizen of Mist Harbor. My merchant offers it every few months."
Jahadeem quietly says, "Another reason for dual citizenship noted lol."

Question 17, from Nazarr: Mist Harbor Adventurer's Guild

You turn to face Nazarr.
Speaking to Nazarr, you ask, "Whatcha got?"
Nazarr says, "I was just wondering if the Adventurer's Guild could be made functional? I've checked it with ten characters between the trainings of 3 and 50, and I keep being told that the Mist Harbor Adventurer's guild just doesn't have anything for those trainings. I think that it really should have working bounties for everyone Premium, whatever their training. It might even get more people spending more time on the Isle."
Jainna says, "Citizenship here also has special verbs, so that's a fun perk."
You nod in agreement at Jainna.
Speaking to Jainna, you say, "I love those verbs."
Jainna smooches the palm of her hand and blows the kiss at you, giving you a wink in the process.
Jainna exclaims, "Like that one!"
Jainna grins.
Nazarr turns an inquisitive ear toward you.
Speaking to Nazarr, you say, "The Adventurer's Guild probably needs for hunting grounds to happen first. That's the 'off the top of my head' answer, but I'll look into it."
Kynlee nods to you.
Jainna nods to you.

Question 18, from Elysia: Chocolate Bars

You turn to face Elysia.
Speaking to Elysia, you ask, "Whatcha got?"
Elysia says, "There's a little wandering cart that has cooking ingredients for player appliances... can large chocolate bars be added to it? The ones that work with the chocolate heaters to produce four candies."
You ponder.
Speaking to Elysia, you say, "Not a clue! But it seems like that might be doable. I'll look into it."
Elysia turns to you and cheers!

Question 19, from Giantphang: Merchant Requests

You turn to face Giantphang.
Giantphang strikes a heroic pose.
Speaking to Giantphang, you ask, "Whatcha got?"
You grin at Giantphang.
Giantphang exclaims, "Request for more different types of merchants...gald is nice, xerria is awesome, but some other specific fluff type services would be cool too!"
Giantphang says, "Off the top of my head...wear at changes for fluff items."
You say, "Oh, which reminds me! Speaking of merchants, I'm doing tattoos every month, all year, with Hepit."
Giantphang says, "Shoot I had other merchant ideas but I'm blanking."
Speaking to you, Jainna says, "Geltrude is better."
Giantphang says, "But the other stuff merchants doo...a permifier once a year maybe? (or more)"
Leafiara turns to Giantphang and cheers!
Tivvy grins at Jainna.
Speaking to Giantphang, you say, "The issue with specific merchants is kinda like the earlier answer. Time spent doing a merchant service that's rather 'niche' is time not spent doing a merchant that appeals to more people."
You scoff at Jainna.
Giantphang says, "Yeah but they just end up never happening."
Darcena points at Giantphang.
Darcena says, "Exactly."
Speaking to Giantphang, Jainna says, "That said, my entire JOB is merchanting, so I would love some new ideas."
Giantphang exclaims, "I'm on it!"
Jainna says, "Hit me up on email or Discord and I can look into it."
Speaking to Giantphang, you say, "I'll be honest... the BEST thing to do there is put together a specific list of what you'd like and get it to us."
Giantphang says, "Done."
Giantphang exclaims, "Leafi, make a list!"
Giantphang turns to Leafiara and cheers!
Jainna nods to you.
You grin at Giantphang.

Question 20, from Khaell: More Merchant Requests

You turn to face Khaell.
Speaking to Khaell, you ask, "Whatcha got?"
Khaell asks, "There a chance for a merchant that sells a bit more pricier stuff? like in the 200-500 thousand silver realm by chance? not like certificates but items/weapons/armor in general, was just looking for something outside the box by chance. Maybe like for a weekend long npc merchant?"
You ponder.
Khaell says, "Thinking kind of like a mini juggernaut or spitfire, but maybe only a table of stuff."
Khaell says, "Instead of ROOMS."
Speaking to Khaell, you say, "I like the concept, honestly. But the 'higher end' stuff (and I realize that is a VERY subjective term) is more for the larger events."
Khaell nods.
Speaking to Khaell, you say, "However, I'll be sure and ask, because I think that could be a fun thing to do for FWI."
You shrug at Khaell.
Khaell says, "Just something to help perk up the place."
Khaell smiles.
Khaell nods.
Mni nods to you.
Khaell says, "Thank you."

Question 21, from Khobra: Mist Harbor Militia

You turn to face Khobra.
Speaking to Khobra, you ask, "Whatcha got?"
Luxelle exclaims, "But Mister Quilic, we ARE a large event!"
Speaking reasonably to you, Khobra requests, "Somewhere along the lines of narrating your tale, can you re-introduce the militia aspect, for those interested in protecting the Mist Harbor? Previously, all it took was an Official coming around and saying something like "Vow, this, say that!" Once repeated "GOOD Job, you're in", here's your Badges - the badges, offering a magical property. With a former Drake involved from the Imperial Regions, some locals - good or bad, may have an opinion on that."
You grin at Luxelle.
You sigh.
Luxelle casually observes her surroundings.
Khobra removes a brass Mist Harbor militia badge from in her ebon longcoat.
Khobra taps a brass Mist Harbor militia badge, which is in her left hand.
Khobra puts on a brass Mist Harbor militia badge.
Khobra taps a brass Mist Harbor militia badge that she is wearing.
Khobra rubs her Harbor militia badge.
Khobra looks considerably more imposing.
Khobra takes off a brass Mist Harbor militia badge.
Luxelle removes a smooth vaalorn bracer from in her musician's valise.
Khobra put a brass Mist Harbor militia badge in her midnight black cloak.
Luxelle carefully inspects her vaalorn bracer.
Speaking to Khobra, Jainna says, "I need to get Quilic up to speed on the goings on that predate him."
Mni takes a moment to observe Khobra.
Jeril snaps his fingers at Jainna.
Khobra nods at Jainna.
Speaking to Khobra, you say, "I'll answer that this way: The next two chapters of the story are already written, but they're subject to change the more I learn."
You stare at nothing in particular.
Speaking to Jainna, Khobra says, "A thought."
Speaking to Jainna, Jeril says, "Use the whip more."
You blink at Jeril.
Mni appears to be trying hard not to grin.
Khaell grins at Jeril.
Speaking to Jeril, Khobra says, "Where there is a whip, there is a way."
Jeril winks at you.
Jeril laughs at Khobra!
Khaell says, "Whip....flail..."
Speaking to Khobra, Jainna says, "I was just thinking that the militia would be a good tie in when I was listening to the storyline."
Khaell holds up his hand and tilts it side to side in a so-so gesture.
Speaking to you, Jainna exclaims, "I'll fill you in!"
Mni smiles at Jainna.
Jainna grins.
Naamit raises her hand.
You nod at Naamit.
Speaking to you, Naamit says, "Can we please get more merchants who are able and willing to do extra sides on metamorphic clothing? I have never seen one who can do past the standard 3 sides."
You ponder.
Naamit says, "And I hunt for them. A lot....It's not without trying, honest."
Speaking to Naamit, Kynlee says, "I've done them before. Guess you weren't there."
Kynlee chuckles.
You grin at Kynlee.
Speaking to Kynlee, Naamit says, "Well, I came back in Nov 2016.... Guess it's possible it was before then, or I missed ONE merchant. Just one."
Kynlee shakes her head.
Naamit examines her fingernails.
Jainna gasps.
Kynlee says, "Nope, I've done them since then, for sure."
You say, "They do come around, but that's the kinda thing that a request on the officials would help with. With a new venue for the Premium Fest, ideas and things like that are good to have, as we get to working on shops, services, and stuff."
Jainna exclaims, "You MISSED a merchant?!"
Jainna swoons.
Speaking to Kynlee, Naamit says, "Okay... More please."
Khaell exclaims, "Moar merchants!"
Giantphang says, "Leafi will make a thread on the officials for merchant suggestions."
Speaking in Dwarven, Mni quietly says, "Thank all of you for the meeting, and the storyline information, and for hearing our questions."
Jainna stands up.
You turn to Leafiara and cheer!
Leafiara flails her arms about.
Khaell ducks his head.
Giantphang says, "I don't know how to use the officials or I'd do it."
Archales nods appreciatively at Leafiara.
Naamit says, "I'm nothing if not a merchant wh.."
Naamit coughs.
Darcena raises her hand.
Speaking to Darcena, you say, "Yes, Darcena, I will try and stock bloody rolton legs for you."
Darcena starts chortling at you!
Darcena exclaims, "I actually have something!"
Speaking to Darcena, you ask, "Whatcha got?"
Darcena says, "First, I want to say thank you for your hard work (and everyone who has pitched in) on the premium storylines."
You grin at Darcena.
Darcena says, "Second, I have been listening tonight."
Darcena says, "Third, you have mentioned wanting to give people motivation to come to FWI."
Darcena says, "To summarize the suggestions, that is more merchants, more shops, hunting, storyline, AdvGuild, Class Guilds."
Darcena says, "With some other sideline benefits like more stuff for PP points."
Speaking to Darcena, you say, "I did indeed, but there's a fine line we have to walk. We can't make Premium stuff too overpowered."
Darcena says, "Fourth, the question...."
Speaking to Darcena, Jeril says, "I think hunting is the biggest thing to get people to stick around. Without it, we just stop by briefly most of the time."
Naamit offhandedly says, "It'd be neat if we had writeable books freely for sale on Four Winds."
Darcena asks, "Do you really think any of those things are going to get people to want to stick around FWI?"
Darcena asks, "Do you have other ideas/plans?"
Speaking to Darcena, Kynlee says, "Not long ago we added the ability to add a SHOW and a long description to items for PP's."
Elysia says, "Sonic alters for premium points? Every bard needs several and the odds are... vanishingly small of ever winning one."
Speaking to Darcena, you say, "I'll say that I have two ideas that I feel very confident about, as far as getting people to come here and stay here. I would love to make this a town like any other, with people who spend the majority of their time here."
Darcena says, "The biggest issue for me with premium storylines."
Darcena says, "Is that I have zero reason to be on this isle."
Speaking to you, Jainna says, "You and me both."
Darcena says, "So before you made them premium-wide, announcements never got to me."
Darcena says, "Right now, I cannot see any feasible reason I would give up where I'm at to spend time here."
Speaking to Darcena, you say, "And that's SO awkward to do... it's not really immersive."
You chuckle.
Leafiara acknowledges, "It's kinda hard to want to be on FWI since there isn't really a solid community here."
Darcena says, "I have to be a WL citizen to participate in the WL Militia."
Leafiara says, "I don't know if that's a bad thing necessarily."
Leafiara looks thoughtful for a moment, then shrugs.
Darcena says, "There isn't a similar analog that would make me give up the rich lore, history, and tradition of WL for FWI."
Darcena says, "Or really just similar anything."
Speaking to Leafiara, you say, "I'm aiming to change that, honestly. I want to see if I can make this at least along the lines of River's Rest, with some dedicated people, and its own 'flavor'."
Leafiara says, "FWI is where I come if I want to idle and not have ten different people looking for me."
Leafiara chuckles.
Leafiara nods approvingly to you.
Darcena asks, "So is the goal really to coopt our usual places... or add reasons to visit more often?"
You exclaim, "Both!"
Speaking to you, Leafiara exclaims, "Sounds good!"
Jainna giggles.
Darcena says, "Add hunting and dual citizenship and it's a possibility."
Darcena says, "Without it...."
Darcena shrugs.
Darcena says, "I struggle to see it happening."
Avawren says, "I would totally concider Mist Harbor a weekend vacation spot type of place. Since I tend to stay glued to my home city."
Giantphang asks, "Does mist harbor have unique gems?"
You say, "In all honesty, the goal is to add value to a Premium subscription. I'm running an 18 month long storyline (so far, it might go longer) in hopes of drawing people to it. We're talking about other changes and things to make this a more desirable place to spend your time as a player."
Aranthius says, "If you confine the storylines to the Island that will help."
Darcena says, "I, personally, would like you to add value to my Premium subscription by allowing me to utilize it and my prime benefits."
Darcena says, "I like Jahadeem's co-citizenship idea."
Nazarr nods at Darcena.
Darcena asks, "I don't come here to sell, because why would I when I'm a citizen somewhere else?"
You say, "OK folks! As some of you might already know... it's past my bedtime."
You say, "Thank you very much for coming out, and for all your suggestions and questions."