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Looking for something to do on the wiki? Here are things I would work on - maybe you can!

World Tasks

Wehnimer's Landing politics
  • Find all of the relevant political logs and add them to the page then categorize each article under [[Category:Wehnimer's Landing politics]].
  • Find historical information about previous NPC mayors and add it to their pages and as needed to the politics page.
  • Find historical information about previous NPC town council members and update their pages and add information to the politics page.
  • Add all Wehnimer's Landing politics saved posts from the forums to Wehnimer's Landing/Politics/saved_posts using Template:Saved-post.
  • Create page for Stennis and Dunigan using Help:Storyline NPCs; add their years of service to the politics page
  • Add articles for in-game locations to relevant physical geography categories.
  • Fill out articles that are within the physical geography categories, adding more information. See Thanatoph Mountain for an example.
Category:Food and drink
  • Add this category to any page that lists and details food and drink that is available to player characters for free. (Shops are already categorized through Category:Food Shops).
  • Add this category to any player-created documentation that discusses food and drink.
  • Add a comment on the discussion pages for any official documentation that discusses food and drink requesting that it be added to the category.
  • Add food/drink information to existing articles where it is missing the list or messaging. See Welkin Hall or Harbor Library
Category:Ships of Elanthia
  • Look through official documentation and storylines for the names of any of the airships or ocean ships of non-player-character-owned ships. Add articles to this category and fill out pages for them.
Hunting Grounds
  • Add Four Winds Isle hunting grounds and creature information.
Blood of the Sea: The Krolvin and Their Descendants
  • Create pages for the red linked concepts (redirect or informational).
  • Update the Half-Krolvin article as necessary to reflect more recent documentation.
Category: Races and Cultures
  • Flesh out the Trine page from existing documentation.

Items and Materials

  • Add item pages for scripted items that don't already have articles.
  • Convert pages using the old-style format (Category:Scripted_Items and Category:Scripted Attire) to the new format. Once finished, nothing should remain in these categories.
  • Add more articles for anything with cloth as its material type here: Category:Materials. Categorize under [[Category:Fabrics]] and [[Category:Materials]].
  • Add information from lore to all the cloth/fabric pages.
  • Make sure that all item-usable woods, cloths, etc. also have the [[Category:Materials]].

General Wiki

  • Review these pages and flesh them out as relevant and remove the stubs category.