A Twist of Roses

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A Twist of Roses is the boutique shop in Ta'Illistim. It is located in a manor house on Erissian Var just west of Fraendel Court.

[A Twist of Roses, Antechamber] RNUM: 13237
White marble floors and walls veined with pale pinks create an immaculate antechamber of stark simplicity, and three jewel-inset arches provide the only break in the walls. Centered with precision, an ebon marble rose caught in full bloom is inlaid into the floor, its thorny green marble stem pointing towards the exit. You also see a carved ebonwood door.


A Twist of Roses, Nonpareils

(sapphire-set arch)

A solid gold plaque hanging next to the arch states, "Jewelry by Auvyra" in feathery script. Beneath that, in small precise lettering, it reads, "Approved by Yfane."

  1. a pair of rose-gold haircombs wrapped in silk brocade (head worn)
  2. a green sapphire rose geldaralad blooming from vaalin vines (head worn)
  3. a delicate silver and faenor circlet of twisting rose vines (head worn)
  4. an ivy-wrought gold haircoil entwined with pink enamel roses (head worn)
  5. a simple necklace of rosewood tiles (neck worn)
  6. a green glimaerstone pendant with a blooming rose intaglio (neck worn)
  7. a thin golden choker embossed with sephwir leaves (neck worn)
  8. a coiled branch-like choker of cloisonne cherry blossoms (neck worn)
  9. a tri-colored gold braided wristlet with a small ruby clasp (wrist worn)
  10. a braided silver bracelet made of several vine-like strands (wrist worn)
  11. a coiled bracelet of leaf green peridot (wrist worn)
  12. an overlapping leaf skeleton ring dipped in verdant faenor (finger worn)
  13. a slender hip-belt of lustrous white gold links (waist worn)

These wearable items weigh less than 2 pounds each. Numbers 1-12 each cost 8,000 silvers. Number 13 costs 5,000 silvers.

A Twist of Roses, Artistry

(amethyst-set arch)

  1. a long and slender silver vial inset with a violet feystone (feystone violet eyeliner stick)
  2. a thin tapered bronze vial etched with holly leaves (holly green eyeliner stick)
  3. a slender tapered gold vial inlaid with blue hostas leaves (hosta blue eyeliner stick)
  4. a thin platinum vial banded in silvery black (silvery black eyeliner stick)
  5. an etched gold phial banded with winter blue hues (winter blue eyeshadow)
  6. an engraved silver phial banded with iced lilac (iced lilac eyeshadow)
  7. a platinum phial inlaid with grey moonstone (moonstone grey eyeshadow)
  8. a bronze phial inset with an errisian green topaz (errisian green eyeshadow)
  9. a chased copper case dusted with crushed rose quartz (rose quartz blush)
  10. a brushed silver case painted with pale sard hues (pale sard blush)
  11. an ivory case with a faintly golden hue (golden ivory blush)
  12. a white porcelain case studded with pink topazes (topaz pink blush)
  13. a glaesine crock sheened in fireleaf red hues (fireleaf red lipstick)
  14. a delicate porcelain crock limned with a winter rose (winter rose lipstick)
  15. a henna-hued clay crock (henna lipstick)
  16. a triangular cut glass crock painted an opalescent peach (opal peach lipstick)
  17. a small black marble pot with a metallic sheen (urglaes black warpaint)
  18. a tiny white marble pot veined with eahnor red (eahnor red warpaint)
  19. a frosted blue clay pot with metallic iridescence (rhimar blue warpaint)
  20. a small grey mithril pot (mithril grey warpaint)

These wearable cosmetic items contain 10 uses each and cost from 10k to 12500 silvers.

A Twist of Roses, Salon

(emerald-set arch)

  1. a dashing dark silk hat banded with plum velvet
  2. a pale plum satin ascot
  3. a white silk shirt with tiny rose-gold cufflinks
  4. a shoulder-pinned plum velvet court cape lined in white silk
  5. some plum velvet knee-breeches
  6. a pair of dark suede boots
  7. a split-tailed marbrinus longcoat with pallid celadon veins
  8. an onyx-clasped celadon silk cravat
  9. a celadon silk sash patterned with coraesine-hued whorls
  10. some sable brocade breeches
  11. a collared sable brocade doublet buttoned with faenor roses
  12. a spiral-cut ebonwood cane capped with a smoky glimaerstone
  13. a slim ivory silk gown with sleeves of rose-dyed gossamer
  14. a diaphanous lilac-patterned silk stole fastened with a pearl brooch
  15. a pair of rose-sheened ivory silk chopines
  16. a pear green silk dress cinched by a copper-boned bodice
  17. some pale green silk slippers traced with veins of copper

4 holds large, 5 and 10 hold small, 6 15 and 17 hold very small, 7 holds significant, 14 holds fairly large