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Oh So Helpful

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To Think About and Do

  • Spirit Night 5119 - add information for this year's tables
  • Marroux and Haert - add information for the uncommon or non-herb items in the list
  • Category: Frontier Days - may need a bit of cleanup
  • Frontier Days 2017 - link to Craft Bazaar goes to Craft Bazaar 2018, should go to Craft Bazaar 2017
  • Craft Bazaar - leads to Craft Bazaar 2018, needs fixing, waiting to see if there will be a Craft Bazaar 2019 page
  • Town Purchasable UCS Gear - need to add the other types of UCS gear to the existing list
  • Triage Station - research the backroom items and add findings
  • Frith's Inn - this article was fixed where it stated: "all activities at a table are private" and where it referenced "private" in another section, check on other similar inn pages and correct if wrong. I fixed this page also, so far, but did not check others: Raging Thrak Inn
  • Symbol of the Proselyte (340) - Saved Posts - On - Convert - Holy Symbols - DragonSpine Fane - needs to not confuse so many people
  • Chrism and Chrism holder i edited the Chrism Holder article to try to make it easier for new people to understand, but may need to revisit this later to be sure there is not more testing/revision/clarification needed
  • Holy Receptacle (325) - Silver to Gold - Nexus - Chrism - Brimstone - Intercession - Gem cutter - needs to not confuse so many people - update: this link may help to include in the Helpful Links of 325 page: Teleportation review (saved posts) concerning when you need to hold/wear a gold ring if using Nexus etc (also may want to peek at 225 spell page and be sure that link is included)
  • Arkati - Chrism holder - Arkati box - Holy symbol creation - Symbol of the Proselyte (340) - Symbol of the Proselyte (340)/saved posts - DragonSpine Fane - CONVERT (verb) - Smite/Bane (302) - Intercession Formula - Intercession - Research:Intercession - Deity messaging Cross-check these pages for messaging, completeness, while making sure to seek counsel from VANKRASN and also some clerics before making changes.
  • Sigil Staff - who was it that found some sort of bug that caused weird things to happen with Sigil Staff recently, and does it need to be noted here?
  • Raging Thrak Inn - stub, needs some stuff added
  • Table - there are some technical details that vary among the tables in various locations, I want to research this and make a note of the differences
  • Elaraeyn's Boutique - fixed a few things already, but want to go back and thoroughly check for any changes in menus, pricing, room description (some things seem to have recently changed)
  • Mirrors of Elanthia - is this a valid idea? it is a question frequently asked in the game and on lnet, where can i find a mirror to check out my new makeup/look, so just thought this may be a very helpful page to create, however, i want to get more feedback on this first. want to mention that mirrors at Elaraeyn's Boutique (;go2 4051 and ;go2 4052 both have mirrors) and Temple Wedding Room in WL for sure if such a page is created (note from CLTIDBALL: the Feature Pavilions in every town have mirrors, just north of the entrance room, in the Hair Quirk ('Hair Adornment') rooms)
  • Smoking pipe - see discussion page, need to figure out if DROP verb works on all pipes, or only new pipes, and fix article
  • Ayana leaf - create redirects from Ayana berry and other interchangeable Ayana like Ayana root etc, to lead to the Ayana leaf page which explains the interchangeability
  • Foraging locations - examine this and see if more info can be added based on my frequent foraging habits
  • Talk:Settlement of Reim - small glowing orb redirect?
  • Reim Base Camp#Reim Base Camp, Armory - already fixed one thing, is there more here that needs clarification?
  • RNUMS for locker areas for Zul, RR, Solhaven, ask tsammolg and nomamyj for help if needed, make sure the RNUMS end up here: Silvergate Inn - Locker - Good Locker Page
  • Talk:Blessing - test test test
  • Portrait locket - fill in more information about the three types of lockets, i own pairs of all three types, need to share the info (loresing, inspect, analyze, look, and test verb traps)
  • Zul Logoth General Store - purchase items and loresing, inspect, analyze, test verb traps
  • Room design#Gardens - fill in info, pretty sure i have all these scented flowers somewhere for spa use at the house, also see Room and Room design
  • Seasonal weapon and armor carts - fill in info for the various weapons that have no info
  • Loresinging - test flare messaging and correct
  • No contact order - create this? Or does it belong here PvP and CvC Conflict? Wyrom's post is here No Contact Order
  • Mini-boss - find more mini-bosses and fill in table. research the 3 types of bosses as described by a GM awhile back when bosses were new, and make sure the Mini-boss article is appropriate, it seemed like i can't find any wiki page for the "other two types" of bosses, and if those pages do not exists, figure out whether to create pages for them, or simply to redirect their search words towards the existing Mini-boss article and expand it a little to include info about the "other two types" of bosses. ask for help on this, it is complicated. and very low priority.
  • Brawling info is somewhat fragmented, scattered, and difficult for new folks to understand, is there a newbie guide for it already? if not, low priority, but look into making one? Brawling weapons#Brawling Weapons and Unarmed Combat - Unarmed combat system#Weapons Compatible with Unarmed Combat - Town purchasable UCS gear - Fantabulous UAC - Anfelt weapons
  • Talk:Loresinging - monitor flares discussion, trap difficulty discussion, correct later
  • CHECK IN (verb) - someone on lnet was making themselves a list of places to Check In throughout Elanthia and I helped them with their project. With their permission, I would like to update this gswiki page to show the locations and RNUM's that we found
  • Spirit death - will using BOOST ENHANCIVE STATS cause a spirit death if the boost runs out while your spirit is low, and the resulting spirit drain causes you to dip below 1 spirit? I would like to test this, because no one really seems to know the answer, and I would like to add a cautionary note to the Spirit death page and the Enhancive boost page if this could result in Spirit death. Also, I would like to research the other ways it is possible to die a Spirit death. As a cleric I have encountered a few other ways to die Spirit death than are listed in the article, but I can not remember offhand.
  • Colors guide - I want to create this guide, though unsure it is appropriate for gswiki (where would it fit?) to include the following information: an alphabetic listing of colors, along with where you might find that color, which will include Dyer's tent information, shop info like Berrytoe's Bare Essentials where you can "order" something in a custom color like dirt brown, coffee-hued, or cameline, but there is no SIMPLE way to look for your favorite color, or easily explore unusual colors that might be available. Don't forget commonly sold makeup colors too, for those attempting to color coordinate an overall fashion look, such as colors from Shear Delight. Don't forget custom colors for sheath making, fletching, cobbling, and other guild or artisan skills. Perhaps include the natural color of colored pelts if there are any natural-occurring odd/unusual colors. This is low priority for me, but it eats at me every time I must go search 100 gswiki articles to prove to myself that a color exists or doesn't exist. Need to research, is there an existing guide made by GM's which lists the acceptable alteration colors in Elanthia? Also may want to create a Materials guide which would be relatively simple to create alongside the Colors guide. It would include materials for forging, fletching, sheath making, and materials that are custom-orderable from various shops like Berrytoe's Bare Essentials in Icemule or the Landing's General Store.
  • Cosmetics - this page is sad and needs to be made more fantabulous. With the information I have gleaned from spa work and purchasing mass quantities of cosmetics, I may be able to work on this project. Low priority, but fun fun fun.
  • Imaera - should these be somehow linked to or from the Imaera page: Robed human priestess and Imaera's Bounty Herbalist. So often there is a richness to Gemstone that takes way too long to discover. For example, the fact I after 24 years had never realized that a wandering priestess was a priestess of Imaera. I DO NOT wish to crosslink these pages without consulting with VANKRASN because she has done the bulk of the work on the Arkati pages, and I do not wish to muck it up without their blessing!
  • Common words and their definitions - Terms like "OTS"/"off-the-shelf" and "tier" are not easy to understand, nor would they be easy to explain in an article, but I would like to think on a best way to address the issue. It is possible they belong in a New Player Guide and that perhaps one already exists. However, it would be nice if a search of these terms led to some gswiki page with information. Think on this.
  • "gleams faintly with inner light" as a Loresinging result from a weapon - what does it mean, sanctified, ebladed, edged, consecrated, etc? Try to find out and include this message in Loresinging article. (note from CLTIDBALL: The 'gleams faintly with inner light' has a 99% chance of bein 902, since that's what the weapon LOOKs like when it's Edged. Uncertain for sure (that 1% can be a pain in the kester), but fairly confident.)
  • 517 - There were at last visit a couple of small errors or inconsistencies among these pages, I need to really dig deep and find and correct them if no one else does first: Charge Item (517) - Charge Item (guide) - Charge Item (517)/saved posts - Recharge - Recharging crystals - Magical Item Guide - Enhancive item#Charges
  • Gargoyles - I would like to make sure that each gargoyle I met has their own page which includes their description and perhaps a sample log showing their personality, from this event, and would in particular like to make a record of Scornach's very cute gargoyle joke, which he gave me permission to publish but I'd like to confirm that permission extends to gswiki in particular Windfellow's Retreat Festival 2019
  • Stormbrow Gift Shop - need to purchase items which have no details listed and loresing/analyze/inspect/look at them, update the article with info.
  • Moving companies - create this article after investigating whether it would even be helpful. Locate the various town movers/moving companies and see if they all relate enough to have a main page like this which could explain how moving works and list the various companies.
  • Talk:Plume and Glove - see Maldaye topic on discussion page
  • Silvergate Inn/CHE Locker/House Clerk project - fill in Annexes info (include rnum or dirs from town center?) (add "what to tap" etc) - HH Annexes - HB Annexes - CHE - Borthuum Company Store - - CHE gswiki - Clerk Locations - CHE saved posts - Locker
  • Pawnshop project - Pawnshop - Category:NPC Shops - at end, double check if i was consistent with how the original two pawnshops were formatted
  • Tables - check it over, see if more can be added
  • Temples of Elanthia - YES YES YES i would love to see a temples page that is called this specifically due to wanting to leave "temple" wide open to receive 500 search results for research purposes, at least until it is determined that the temples page is complete, maybe do this as an experiment in creating things in my userspace so they are not initially searchable, maybe do the work in notepad and just make it a live page from the outset, who knows
  • Furriers - needs love
  • Kharam Dzu Temple - needs love
  • SpriteCloak - reformatted table and added messaging for my off-the-shelf (unlocked ) coat, but after i get my coat unlocked, need to go back and add 3rd person messaging for unlocked coat. my coat is "a knee-length tawny leather overcoat" and currently Janturion is holding it, for future reference!!
  • Tonight I noticed this lnet advertisement, and could not find information on gswiki about a Dispel flare: "Symbion's Store: 4x dispel flaring rune wristlet/staff: it is a runestaff I made using a Dispel token. It flares like a normal flare, and removes 1 spell from the opponent. This one is a rune wristlet as well so that means it turns into a bracelet, and back into a runestaff by morphing." Here are some flare links that may need to be updated with the Dispel flare, and I am trying to reach Symbion to see if he will let me loresing to his staff and get the messaging for that at least: Ebon Gate auto flarer - Item properties - Flare - Loresinging#Weapon/Armor Abilities - Custom flare messaging - (User:VANKRASN39/flare sandbox VANKRASN39 seems to be working on a better flares page, and her page looks very nice and ALREADY HAS Dispel flare info.)
  • A Twist of Roses - I added cosmetic descriptions in italics, but i think it would look better in table format, however, i didn't have time for table formatting, but a project for later.
  • Surname#Locations - the location listed here for Ta'Illistim does not appear to be correct any longer, although i might just not be finding the "cottage" where it is supposed to be. But i found another location in Ta'Illistim that appears to have a surname registry. Need to figure out if the location changed, and if so, update this article. (not sure if this article can help: Ta'Illistim Keep
  • god weddings - there may or may not be some outdated information in some of the articles, knowledgeable people on lnet can not seem to agree what is the status of weddings in gs, so will take some time to sift thru and figure out what is current information, is anyone else working on this? find out before starting and do a more thorough search of documentation, these are just a few links - Cathedral Wedding Tips - Cathedral Weddings - Wedding tent locations
  • Dyer's tent#Locations - check it over, see if other lich#'s or directions can be added
  • Face painting#Usage - this can be made slightly clearer if i can find my cloths (cloth, washcloth, face cloth, gauze, cotton square, square, etc) and figure out which ones actually remove face paint.. iirc there are maybe 3-4 types of cloths, possibly each worth having their own gswiki article, that do distinctly different cosmetic or ink removal things. even i get them confused and i have extensively tested them! and lost my notes!
  • Bundling strap existence - my test failed, so maybe i was wrong, but i want to think further on it and brainstorm with some other people who were around 24 years ago in WL who might have done this same thing. if i could find Jaalmar/Haakon he might remember, he was who taught me the trick because of my extreme low strength - bundling skins meant i did not need a skins bag, and all my bags at the time were fairly heavy. i know i'm crazy, but regarding this bundling strap/rope/cord matter i really think it existed in GS.
  • Daephron Illian and Terate Niebelun and Fraen Wasstont (name on spider charm) - do a bit more research, i could not on first search of gswiki find a page or information relating to the meteor/ite that threatened Elanthia a couple of years ago around autumn maybe of 2017, i'd like to find if there is an article or log posted about it and be sure there is a gswiki history page for it, and if not, find a log of the day the old man spoke and died and make sure there's an article about that character (there is one mention of Fraen Wasstont here Kaight but it is from gs platinum so may even vary from how the story went in regular gs) (very low priority but to me, this is one of the most enjoyable todo items on my list, that was a nice continuation of a very old story that i had great interest in from years back, and i just don't want it to go without some mention on gswiki)
  • Pawnshop - there are some tips that could be incorporated here to make new folks'es lives in the game a lot easier
  • Portrait locket - Unique Feature Lockets section is missing from this page. need to find my old lockets and test them if possible. also seek out people who own Variable Expression lockets for the following moods and incorporate the info into the tables: Giggly (whisper 1st and 3rd), Evil (rub gaze whisper 1st and 3rd), Happy Drunk (rub gaze whisper 1st and 3rd), Fear (rub gaze whisper 1st and 3rd). many more need 3rd person messaging added later too
  • Deepening#Automated Deepening Certificates - read over this and see if it can be made any clearer, it is one of the things that seems to confused a lot of people, even really smart people
  • Coffee and tea brewing - A Taste of Truth - Tea Leaves - keep improving these if possible, especially adding stove/kettle locations and making sure to read what i posted on the Discussion page of Coffee and tea brewing for more details of what i hope to work on in the future
  • Grishom Stone - hope someone else gets to this first, but i heard a rumor that Grishom Stone appeared in one of Stormyrain's visions recently so this article may need updating at some point again
  • Dyer's tent failure messaging - see Discussion page for a low priority test project
  • Mist Harbor Herbs and Mist Harbor Herbalist seem to be related, and may need to be kept as two separate pages for good reason, but I hope to look into why there are two pages and not only one. I'm assuming the "Mist Harbor Herbs" was created as part of the category of Herbs maybe, and that the "Mist Harbor Herbalist" was created as part of the category of Shops.
  • Drunkenness in Elanthia I used to know a lot about this topic, might still be among the experts. But I could not so far find information about it on the gswiki. So maybe a Drunkenness Guide is needed! Maybe not! Just something to think about.
  • Poisoned, Disease, Bleeding - the actual main page names are Bleeding, Disease, and Poisoned... at some point raise the naming issue and see if "Poisoned" can be fixed so that the main page is "Poison" instead. Also peek at Category:Status Conditions, there may be some other naming issues but need to involve other people in the effort and get some feedback.
  • Talk:Frontier Days 2018 - also same problem on this page Frontier Days 2015
  • Talk:Shimmering glaesine orb - Jahadeem has one we can test the char vs acct attunement if he has time
  • Quartz Orb Baldric - get my yoke to higher tiers and add info to the wiki, or find others with yokes at Tier 2/3/4 and add their info
  • Today I noticed that while using Rapid Healing (1116), and healing a minor limb scar, Sissi's RT with 30 ranks of Mental Lore, Transformation was 1 second, while Minniemae's RT with zero ranks was 12 seconds. Even though in the Rapid Healing (1116) article this is not mentioned and for good reason as it relates more to the healing spells themselves, the Healing roundtime getting down to 1 second per minor limb scar just seems worth highlighting somehow on the Rapid Healing (1116) page, and even on the Healing roundtime page, and the Transformation Lore page, or maybe I am just the usual crazy but it made such a big difference in my understanding of healing to have my two different empaths in the same room, that I wish this could become clear to every player considering rolling an empath. I don't know how to make it clear except I understand it myself now. Maybe a way will come to me, or to someone reading here.
  • Sleight of Hand tricks is mentioned as a desired article on this page, and I would love to see that come to fruition, great idea, along with the self-stabby daggers and hand buzzers and whack-em sandals from Delirium Manor, etc. PSFShop:Trulee's Trinkets
  • Delirium Manor pages are kind of a mess, and the 2020 page is missing entirely. I tried to get this done DURING Delirium Manor 2020 but failed. Need to find logs to construct this 2020 page. Also, there needs to be a "main" Delirium Manor page with links to the subpages for each year maybe: currently we have these three pages: Delirium Manor (which is really only about the 2016 DM, Return to Delirium Manor (about the 2017 DM), Lost in Delirium Manor (about the 2018 DM). To my knowledge there weas no DM in 2019. The DM in 2020 was from March 27-April 12, 2020.
  • Category: Solhaven_Shops - here i already finished adding RNUMs to the shops in Letter A through Letter J, and i just need to pick up where i left off and add RNUMs for Letter K through Letter Z.

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