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Map of the Agora Promenade

Agora Promenade is the shopping on the cliffwalk beneath the Needle of Pentas, home of the Trials of Lumnis, that is located on the Isle of Ornath.

Agora Promenade is located on the cliffs beneath the Needle of Pentas and opened on three sides to a sweeping view of the ocean. Railings trail along the outer edges of its creeping thyme and travertine pathways, which are lined with pennants that snap in the sea-born breezes that keep the tropical island cool. Ornate facades are carved directly into the marble-like facing of the cliffs, providing entry to the many shops and residences along the bright and cheery promenade.

Social circles are prevalent through the southern escarpment. Two seating areas with ocean views, a cushioned seating area surrounding a glass fire-box, a fountain, and two eateries are just some of the many things you will find within the promenade.

General Information

Home to a variety of shops and activities, Angora Premenade offers something for anyone who might be interested in visiting. Travel there can be achieved via wagon or by utilizing the QUEST verb (see: Rings of Lumnis travel info).


Agora Promenade as a variety of shops built into the cliff facings that offer wares for silvers. There are two eateries, two social areas, and a post office in this area, as well as several shops.


Agora Promenade has two established eateries along the eastern and western edges of its travertine pathways. Enjoy food at their low tables that are surrounded by cushions, or take your meal outside to sit at some of the nearby seating areas that overlook the ocean.

Blue Myth

Five tables for the floral-minded are surrounded by cushions within the cornflower blue pavilion. All food is free to guests. The menu contains:


  • a coffee layered with cream and hot chocolate
  • a fizzy strawberry drink
  • a wide rounded glass of deep red wine
  • a delicate flute of sparkling white wine
  • a burnt orange and bourbon whiskey cocktail


  • a slice of lightly buttered fresh-baked bread
  • a golden-crusted slice of bread laden with caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms
  • a toasted oval of crusty white bread topped with sauteed vegetables and herbs
  • a round of rustic whole wheat bread slathered with bacon-rosemary spread
  • a tall slice of sweet bread dusted with powdered sugar


  • a chopped vegetable salad with cubed bread dressed in olive oil and vinegar
  • some sliced golden brown chicken smothered in a white wine cream sauce
  • some citrus pesto and shrimp pasta topped with shredded basil
  • a bowl of bowtie pasta sauteed with sun-dried tomatoes and chicken
  • some creamy lemon-mushroom risotto dusted with fresh parsley

Don't forget to grab a flower from their many vases.

The Impressed Olive

Five tables for the philosophically minded individual are surrounded by cushions within a bright white pavilion. All food is free to guests. The menu contains:


  • a glass of chilled peach nectar
  • a warm mug of milky coffee
  • a reddish glass wine bottle
  • a tall glass of fruity wine
  • a chilled glass of white wine

Breads & Desserts

  • a sweet almond finger cookie
  • a square of sesame and pistachio cake
  • a slice of crusty olive bread
  • a slice of dense kale bread
  • a whole wheat flatbread round


  • some rice and chicken salad with pine nuts and lemon
  • a thick slice of spiced pork tenderloin with hazelnut vinaigrette
  • some bulgur and green bean salad accented with cherry tomato halves
  • a bowl of leek and fish stew with fresh mussels
  • a piece of sauteed chicken with an olive-artichoke sauce

Be sure to view the intricate designs on the tables.

Social Areas

Whether it is relaxing on the edge of a fountain or gazing into the deep blue depths of the ocean, Agora Promenade offers quiet places for respite from shopping or the Trials of Lumnis.


  • SIT on the edge of the fountain.
  • LEAN against its strong sides.
  • SLAP the water in a playful manner.
  • TOUCH the cool waters.
  • TICKLE little trails in the water.

You can even feed the koi fish in the fountain or the various rollers that visit the promenade.
(GET, TAP, or TOUCH the kernels to feed the koi fish)
(GET, TAP, or TOUCH the birdseed to feed the rollers)

Enjoy the sculpture, breath in the bougainvillea vines that perfume the air, and relax!


Built against a short wall that separates the cliff's edge from the rest of the promenade, low cushions form a semi-circle of comfort for social gatherings.

In the evenings, a large black glass rectangle is filled with warm coals to stave off the slight chill of the island air.

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