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All Hands is a ship shop in Kraken's Fall. Located in a tall oak warehouse on South Arm Road in Kraken's Fall, this is where you can customize your ship's crew quarters and purchase courier birds.

[All Hands 28993]
Large pillars stretch toward the ceiling and support enormous oak beams, as well as an exposed rafter ceiling. Along the eastern and western edges, and closets to the various windows, planking stations are arranged where oak, mahogany, and maple boards are refined for use in ship flooring. The central aisle is flanked by various collapsed hammocks in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and materials, while at its center sits an oak-paneled counter with hurricane lanterns suspended over it. You also see a wooden plank sign and a crew merchant.


                 Crew Quarters style changes

1: Countless hammocks, fashioned from lengths of sailcloth, are strung from the ceiling in this cramped space. Makeshift tables have been pieced together from old barrels and warped planks, each set with mismatched tin cups and water pitchers. A basket of fruit hangs from a post near the door, along with a community toothbrush.
2: Rows of bunks fitted with feather stuffed mattresses fill the cabin, while hammocks of sailcloth crowd the spaces between. Hanging above a wash basin, a silvered glass mirror reflects the view from a small porthole. A calico kitten snores quietly in one of the top bunks, a tiny mouse curled up beneath its chin.
3: A dice game lies forgotten on the floor, along with an overturned tankard of ale, the foamy brew seeping into the oaken planks. Hammocks are strung from the low ceiling, while mattresses stuffed with feathers and straw are spread around the cabin, some occupied with bedbugs. A tarnished silver lantern flickers above a small desk occupying one corner.
4: Hammocks fashioned from sailcloth and strung on lengths of braided rope sway from the low deckhead of this cramped cabin. Likewise, the oaken table tops are strung from cables overhead, allowing sea chests and foot lockers to be stored underneath, as well as provide makeshift seating. A tarnished silver mirror is fixed to the bulkhead above a small wash basin replete with shaving supplies.
5: Row after row of canvas hammocks threaded through hemp ropes sway from the low deckheads, while tightly stacked bunks line the walls. Sea chests and metal footlockers are secured through staples set into the deck to ensure that they stay in place during the worst of storms. A weathered driftwood writing desk sits in one corner next to a small wash basin.
Courier Birds  (1m)

  1: a sleek brown sparrow

  2: a large grey albatross

  3: a white-winged silvery gull

  4: a scaly-necked pigeon

  5: a small black-suited toucan

  6: a vibrant red parrot

  7: a dark raven

  8: a black crow

  9: a crested sea eagle

  10: an orange-beaked pelican

  11: a black-plumed frigatebird

  12: a snow petrel


Outfitted in simple linen trousers and a black tunic, Zeni appears to be middle aged. Accenting both of his eyes are a collection of long wrinkles from a life under the sun.