Kraken's Fall

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Map of Kraken's Fall
Map of Kraken's Fall

Kraken's Fall is a new port somewhere in the ocean. (CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT)

Part of the Open Sea Adventures (CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT)


First Entry

“Gather round children and I’ll tell you a tale. One of the seas and a man at his sail…” Old man Rosallio wove that tale every time he was too much in his cups, when the moons were gone from the sky, and the scar on his leg started to ache too much. “Now see here, lads and ladies,” he would start as he rubbed at the long, white scar on his calf. “The skies were as moonless and motherless as they are tonight. Just the right kind of night to let all the evil in the seas twist and frolic in their dastardly dances.”

Every child of Kraken’s Fall knows the tale. We are told it from the moment we are weaned, throughout our lives, and even when we move into Lorminstra’s Embrace for it is our farewell address. It starts as the old man describes, on a night without moons…


Name Function
Mystigoggles Magicorium Arcane Shop
The Intoxicating Flora Herbalist
Bejeweled Booty Jeweler
Rising Pint Alcohol
The Naked Fauna Furrier
The Soup Bone Food
Rock Lobster Food
Bushybrow's Collectibles Pawnshop
Unburied Treasures Locksmith
Brewmaster's Tap Alcohol
Sea Hag's Roost Tables & Rooms
Storm Petrel's Wing Fletching Shop
The Threadbare Admiral Clothing Shop
Academy of the Bos'n Boatswain
All Hands Crew's Quarters
Boarding House RP Spot
Chip n' Dwight's Ships
Fighting the Helm Wheel
Grub, Gruel, and Grog Galley
Guard Tower Guard Tower
Inking Den Town Hall & Lockers
Knife's Edge Weapon Shop
Kraken's Fall Jailhouse Jail
Lean To Cargo Hold
Maritime Defenses Cannons
Molskroen Hall Premium Hall
Sailor's Solace Captain's Quarters
Swabbing Starts Decks & Gangplanks
The Last Frontier Alcohol
Weather Station Cobbling Warehouse
Yardarm's Skirt Sails
Vexillology Visions Flags
Sailcloth Findings Clothing Shop
Bowsprit's Maiden Figureheads
Cartwright Locker Movers
Citizenship Office Moved to Inking Den
The Peaceful Porpoise Shrine
Irosah's Armaments Armor Shop
Leaf and Bean Cigar & Coffee shop
Fishing Pier Fishing
The Bait 'N Weight Shack Fishing Shop
Adventurer's Guild Adv Guild
Bank Bank
Sunfist Outpost Society 3
Lighthouse MHO
Captain's Cup Alcohol
Kelpie Beds Tables & Rooms
The Melting Pot Food
Forges of the Kraken Artisan Skill
Penitentiary Jail for Justice