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Gender male
Race aelotoi
Status presumed dead
Relationship(s) Adyra, sister

Alusius was an aelotoi wizard who, along with his sister Adyra, enlisted the aid of adventurers to draw the Elemental Confluence to Elanthia. He is presumed to have been killed after entering the elemental plane alone.


You see Alusius the Listener.
He appears to be an Aelotoi of the Vaer'sah Clan.
He is of average height and appears to be time-worn.  He has hard blue eyes and sun-ravaged skin.  He has short, spiky silver hair receding starkly away from his brow.  He has a heavily stubbled face.  He has a pair of opalescent silver-grey wings.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a soft grey wool scarf, a black suede coat over a coarse dark woolen shirt, a pair of stiff grey wool trousers, and a pair of high black leather boots.

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