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My Family [Second place song in Helden Hall's Story Telling Competition of May 18th, 1997]

Twas not so long ago you see when I entered this land
In wehnimers I traveled lone till I met this merry band
Though we be many and all my friends I shant be boring you
To make my song not way to long I'll only mention few.

I'll start with Ingrid and Bjorne strong leaders in Who can Fight
Be not afraid though they look tough Ingrid's barks worse then her bite.
Her gentle hand and warriors will keeps us in lines so straight
But mess with her True love Bjorne and she'll Become Irate!!

Sunia lass of hair so red and Farnen her Husband Strong
Will always come to rescue you when Krolvins do you wrong.
Shotty's a friend who is always around to be there when you cry
And when I'm drunk and acting strange she never asks me why.

Annihilis my brother who never quits knows the meaning of Never fear!
Minatax,practor,bladegirt and Yarx are others I'll mention here.
The mentioned above have shown to me that a warriors spirit is within
And I know that in a Brawling fest against them I'd never win!

Kasdonath my Pal My friend ! your always in the hall
And as long as people keep supplying rum you'll always have a ball.
Thurandor the friend who's quiet strength all present have come to know
Phantasus whose songs our spirits lift and the Honorable Hyoko.

Passion the sultry and fashionable one whose boots I envy still
Makes sure she looks as good as she fights the looks that could honestly Kill.
Kythyn who hails as the largest lass Whose Strength, intelligence and love
Are things for which that we can thank the goddess leya above.

Viran the artist whose scrolls astound his talent is true and rare
Without your help on my wedding invites they'd be so very bare.
Meta your soul rests here with us and we'll never say "So long"
You sprits still within us and you're lessons make us strong.

Dajomaa My love so true ,I need you in my life
I can not wait another month to finally be your wife
You've brought me hope and joy again and I don't know what to say
I hope someday I'll repay you for that, maybe the night of our wedding day.

So many names so many friends this house has grown so quick!
Its hard to sing a song of Helden when only a few can I pick
Each of you if not mentioned here mean very much to me
I'll never be alone again, I've found My family.