Announcement: Goodbye 5123 and Hello 5124

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Category: General
Subject: Announcement: Goodbye 5123 and Hello 5124
Date: 2024-01-01

In the Year of the Rolton, five-one-two-three,
Filled with bleats and laughter, joyous as can be.
Cheeses, milks, and wools, a shepherd's delight,
Mounts and lambs prancing, under the day's light.
As the roltons grazed, in fields lush and green,
A chapter now closes, a final serene.
Year of rollicking fun, bids adieu, takes a bow,
A fond farewell, as the sun sets on it now.
But fear not, dear friend, for a new tale unfolds,
A door to another, as the bell gently tolls.
In the Year of Clockwerke Devices, so grand,
A symphony of gears, a future unplanned.
Gentle tick-tocks and whirring machines,
In 5124, where innovation convenes.
Farewell, roltons, with your bleats and your cheer,
Embrace the clockwerke, for the new year is here.
So, let's raise a toast to the roltons now past,
Their laughter and prancing forever will last.
And as the clockwerke ticks, let us explore,
The wonders ahead in the year, five-one-two-four.

As we wrap up 2023, we hope that you all enjoyed the Year of the Rolton. From new verbs (bleat and prance) to updates of old verbs (imitate and others), we tried to bring joy to you all with our embracing of the rolton. New documents were released, stories were told, new items were created that encouraged new crafting, and toys galore found their way into the game. Wool, cheese, milk, and many more items were introduced for this fun year. Even the lamb pet was introduced and let us not forget our precious mounts!

As this chapter closes, we hope that you will enjoy our new theme, which will be sprinkled throughout the year!


The Year of the Rolton has ended - The Year of the Clockwerke Devices has begun.