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A Milk Pail is a scripted item that allows a character to milk an appropriate creature. The pail can then pour milk to drink, cook with, or add to brewed beverages. The Milk Pail was first sold at the Rumor Woods shop Milkin' It.


The off-the-shelf pail can pour drinkable milk.


This is a Milk Pail.  You can use it to:
 * PONDER to see appropriate animals to MILK
 * MILK appropriate animals (MILK {CREATURE} WITH MY PAIL)
 * MEASURE the pail to see how much milk of each type is stored within.  It can hold up to 99 doses of each type of milk.
 * TURN the pail to select a type of milk (Either without an argument, or TURN MY PAIL TO {CREATURE})
 * POUR the pail to retrieve the milk

Alteration Guidelines:
The pail can be altered as long as it remains something that can hold liquid.
The article of the drinkable milk can be customized, but only the first 15 characters of the description.  This one is:  a bottle of
A label can also be added.  This one will have no label.


Verb First Third
PONDER Gazing at the pail, you think that you could milk a cow, bison, buffalo, gak, rolton, Bresnahanini rolton, mountain rolton, black rolton, kish'dal, rakka, risthi rolton, flatfoot rolton, Vaslavian rolton, ixacikta, steelhorn rolton, maeltijd rolton, stoutfoot rolton, cavelta rolton, sheep, bighorn sheep, bighorn ram, forester's dorper, Darkling wood sheep, ewe, ram, goat, sea-horned goat, Myssarian goat, piebald koza, Paeladri goat, mountain goat, maedat goat, Mhoragian muskox, camel, llama, yak, arctic oxen, vicuna, or similar creature. None
MILK You milk a maeltijd rolton, sending streams of warm maeltijd rolton milk into the milk pail. This section has not been added yet; please add to it now!
MEASURE You gaze into a milk pail, noting that it contains the following milk:

Doses: Type:
     1 kish'dal
     2 rakka
     1 risthi rolton
     2 ixacikta
     1 maeltijd rolton
     3 sheep
     1 forester's dorper
     2 Darkling Wood sheep
     1 goat
     1 piebald koza
     1 Mhoragian muskox

TURN You turn the knobs on the side of the milk pail, preparing to pour kish'dal milk. None
POUR You pour yourself a bottle of kish'dal milk from your milk pail. This section has not been added yet; please add to it now!

Coffee and Tea Unlock

The pitcher-shaped certificate will unlock the ability to pour milk and cream for use in brewed coffee and tea on a Milk Pail.

Cooking Unlock

The bottle-shaped certificate will unlock the ability to pour milk and cream for use in cooking recipes on a Milk Pail.
Milk Pail Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Pail
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep No
Customizable Yes
Custom Milk Bottle
Original Release Venue Rumor Woods
Original Release Year 2023
Tiered Yes
Number of Tiers 3
How to Unlock Certificate
Corresponding Item Scripts Cheese Wheel
Butter churn
Item Verbs