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Category: General
Subject: The Uhl-Claw - A T'Kirem Item
Date: 11/27/2023

Taken from the pages of a human knight's tale, the lore of an item known as the Uhl-claw has been released. Learn about its origins and purchase one at the upcoming Kindred Games!

Item Information
The uhl-claw jewelry item can store up to 50 individual names in it. It is used as a passive discouragement from unwanted suitors. >analyze my uhl-ring You analyze your silver uhl-ring and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

A sterling silver uhl-ring sporting onyx and ruby inlay is an Uhl-Claw device designed by the kindred of the T'Kirem Bear Clan. Its primary purpose is to discourage unwanted attention from those who may have taken a fancy to the wearer. It is meant to be a subtle device. To read more about the lore, visit:

To use the uhl-ring, you must WEAR it and POINT it at the person you do not wish to make advances on you. Do not worry, this gesture is so subtle that they don't see it has been done until they look upon you. Once they do look at you they will see the Bear's Warning: Five slashes, ending in crimson droplets, mar (fancier's) features from (his/her) right temple to (his/her) left cheekbone.

Your silver uhl-ring can store up to 50 unwanted suitors in it. To change them, GAZE at the uhl-ring to get the list and then WHISPER uhl-ring REMOVE # to remove the person.

Alterations: An Uhl-Claw must always be made of silver and have a reflective surface for the magic of the item to work. There should be some representation of the five claws of Uhlgeer, the she-bear, and corresponding crimson drops that represent the blood her claws can bring to the surface. Droplets can be made of paint, enamel, lacquer, jewels, etc. Above all, it must have a reflective surface of some kind. If creating a ring, you may use uhl-ring. All other jewelry should have an adjective of "uhl-claw," and this item should never be turned into a solitude ring.

What you see:
>point my uhl at firstperson
You subtly tilt your uhl-ring at Firstperson, ensuring that going forward he will see the Bear's Warning when he looks upon you and you are wearing the uhl-ring.
>wear my uhl-ring
You slide a sterling silver uhl-ring sporting onyx and ruby inlay onto your finger.

What they see:
Secondperson picks up a sterling silver uhl-ring sporting onyx and ruby inlay.

Secondperson slides a sterling silver uhl-ring sporting onyx and ruby inlay onto her finger.

>l secondperson

As you gaze upon Secondperson, a reflection of your own face briefly passes before your eyes. Five slashes, ending in crimson droplets, mar your features from your right temple to your left cheekbone. It would appear that Secondperson does not wish anything more than friendly overtures from you. Please keep this in mind when you interact with her.

You see GameMaster Secondperson. She appears to be a Human.

This item can be worn by any race.

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