Armored Casting

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Armored Casting
Mnemonic [casting]
Type Passive Buff
Requirements None
Available To Paladins
Available In Armor Specializations
Rank Square
1 20  
2 30 
3 40 
4 50 
5 60


Adjusts a person's armor so that they can better recover from a failed spell casting attempt.


Reduces the amount of mana lost when failing to cast a spell due to armor hindrance by 15% per rank (all fractions dropped) and has chance to reduce the roundtime of the failure.

Additional Information

Each rank of Armored Casting returns 15% of of a failed spell's mana to the caster (rounded down) and gives a 33% chance to reduce cast roundtime by 1 second. At 3 ranks, cast roundtime is always 2 seconds for a failed spell; ranks 4 and 5 provide a chance to reduce it to 1 second. Armored Casting does not reduce the hard roundtime from CHANNELing a spell, nor does it stack with Rapid Fire (515).


Application of the specialization:

>armor casting milque
You adjust Milque's gold chainmail kirtle, making it easier for her to recover from failed spell casting.
Roundtime: 5 sec.

Cumulative Benefits Table

Armored Casting Benefits (on Armor Hindrance failures)
Armored Casting Percentage of
Mana Returned
Min Cast RT Max Cast RT
Rank 1 15% 3 (67%) 2 (33%)
Rank 2 30% 3 (34%) 2 (66%)
Rank 3 45% 2 (100%)
Rank 4 60% 2 (67%) 1 (33%)
Rank 5 75% 2 (34%) 1 (66%)