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The Player System Manager is an overall system introduced in order to consolidate all skill systems, including Combat Manuevers, Armor Specializations, Shield Specializations, and Ascension, to ease updates and development in these areas.

Skill Systems

  • Combat Maneuvers - Skills with multiple facets and applications, including attack, defense and utility.
  • Armor Specializations - Service and utility abilities that can be applied to a suit of armor by a warrior, rogue, or paladin.
  • Shield Specializations - Shield skills similar to Combat Manuevers that are available to warriors, rogues, or paladins.
  • Ascension - System that allows you to divert experience into an Ascension Training Point (ATP) pool, which can then be spent on Ascension Skills to further define your character.

Skill Types

  • Active - Skills that provide a buff to the user's attack or defense, and require a command to activate.
  • Attack - Skills that utilize and enhance the user's normal attack.
  • Martial Stance - Classification of CMAN and specialization skills that provide a significant "passive" benefit.
  • Passive - Skills that provide a buff to the user's attack or defense once learned, and do not require a command to activate.
  • Setup - Skills that are meant to disable a target in order to set them up for an attack.



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