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The Player System Manager consolidates a number of character skill systems in order to standardize behavior and make development and updates easier in these areas.

Skill Systems

  • Combat Maneuvers - Skills with multiple facets and applications, including attack, defense and utility.
  • Armor Specializations - Service and utility abilities that can be applied to a suit of armor by a warrior, rogue, or paladin.
  • Shield Specializations - Shield skills similar to Combat Manuevers that are available to warriors, rogues, or paladins.
  • Weapon Techniques - Techniques that are granted automatically as you gain weapon skill.
  • Feats - Character defining skills that are not able to be unlearned without the use of a FIXSKILLS.
  • Ascension - System that allows you to divert experience into an Ascension Training Point (ATP) pool, which can then be spent on Ascension Skills to further define your character.

Skill Types

  • Buff - Skills that provide a buff to the user's attack or defense, and require a command to activate.
  • Attack - Skills that utilize and enhance the user's normal attack.
  • Martial Stance - Classification of CMAN and specialization skills that provide a significant "passive" benefit.
  • Passive - Skills that provide a buff to the user's attack or defense once learned, and do not require a command to activate.
  • Setup - Skills that are meant to disable a target in order to set them up for an attack.
  • Assault - Attack skills similar to focused MSTRIKE. Damage is done to a single target over multiple rounds, and other buffs may apply per-round or upon completion. These can be STOPped.
  • Concentration - Skills that are channeled over a duration and require concentration be maintained. These can be STOPped.
  • Area of Effect - Skills that disable or damage multiple targets. The number of targets is increased by training in Multi Opponent Combat.
  • Reaction - Skills that require a trigger to become available for use. These are faster than standard attacks, require no stamina, and can be used in self-inflicted roundtime.

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