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Aydan is not impressed. Courtesy of Bristenn.
Sir Aydan Mursilis, as rendered by MAZEIKISJ

Aydan Mursilis is a human Knight Banneret of the Empire and a paladin of Lumnis who rose to prominence during the Solhaven Cataclysm.

Birth and Early Years

Aydan (b. 5081 in Phannus, County of Seareach is the third son of four children born to Cessa (d. 5115) and Luthar Mursilis. His oldest brother, Deren, followed in their father's footsteps to become a trapper. Alhin, the second oldest, underwent military training at a young age and is a respected member of Count Tramini's guard. Upon Cessa's passing, the youngest child, a sister named Lora, took ownership of the Southbend Bakery that was previously owned and operated by their mother. Of his three siblings, he has always been the closest to Lora, being similar in age.

Following an old tradition, the Mursilis family dedicated Aydan to the service of the Arkati soon after birth. Although the Daughters of Lumnis had abandoned Seareach by then, a small temple of Lumnis was still maintained by local clergy and gladly accepted him as their ward.


Upon Aydan's twenty first birthday, he was sent to the temple of Lumnis in Solhaven to serve as a temple guard. He eventually came to the notice of Sir Eahlstan Hjeldin, who took him as a squire and began instructing him in the ways of knighthood and chivalry. After a return from an assignment in River's Rest, Solhaven fell under the assault of nightmarish horrors from another plane. Aydan's efforts to chronicle and study the foes later resulted in the defenders deciding he was the perfect man to lead the defense. Despite his capable leadership throughout 5109, the effort was ultimately doomed to failure before it even began. However, countless lives were saved by the actions of the defenders he rallied to the cause, even as the town was consumed by a tidal wave.

After the restoration of Solhaven, Baron Dunrith Malwind took Aydan into his service as a Knight Banneret and commissioned him as Captain of the Vornavian Reserve. Not long afterward, a long-forgotten threat known as the Red Dreamer seemed poised to plunge the world in unending nightmare. A long struggle ensued, and though victory was ultimately achieved, the knight received a grievous wound to his soul that has yet to fully heal.

Almost three years were spent in the Barony of Riverwood, where he had hidden away to both recover from the wound and enjoy some needed peace. Tragedy struck in the year 5115 when his mother, Cessa, passed away. He returned to Phannus and after spending some time with his family, traveled north to Solhaven on a whim, to see how his old home and the north had fared after the War of Shadows...

Present Day

Aydan married Shannivar Mursilis (nee Devessi) in the autumn of 5111, who has remained at his side to this day.

He is currently the Adjudicator of the Order of the Azure Sun, a chivalric order that he and several others founded in 5110. His current focus, along that of the Azure Sun, is the furthering of Vornavian and Imperial interests in the north.


You see Sir Aydan Mursilis the Knight Banneret. He appears to be a Human from Seareach.

He is average height and appears to be an adult. He has grey-tinged deep celadon eyes and fair skin. He has short, slightly wavy dark mahogany hair shot through with lighter hues. He has an angular face, a straight nose and a neatly-trimmed beard. He has a wearied and hardened visage made more noticeable by the three faint scars on his left cheek. He is wearing a resplendent azure silken battle standard emblazoned with a gannet volant argent that juts over his shoulder.

He is holding a swept-hilt steel bastard sword in his right hand and a malachite-enameled golvern kite shield blazoned with a rising argent swan in his left hand.

He is wearing a pure gold Lumnis symbol enamelled with five conjoined circles, a hammered silver livery collar, a loose-fitting tanned leather duster, a suit of azure steel-banded platemail, a diamond-set green imflass ring, a leaf-etched kelyn wedding ring cradled in silver filigree, a kelyn-bound ebonwood scabbard, a polished leather belt secured by a diagonal shoulder strap, a pair of straight-legged tan trousers, a pair of golden spurs, and some cuffed brown leather boots.