Order of the Azure Sun

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The Order of the Azure Sun is a Meeting Hall Organization focused on chivalric, Imperial roleplay. It is based out of Solhaven.


Adjudicator Sir Aydan Mursilis (inactive)
Standard Bearer Sir Bristenn Mires (acting Steward-Adjudicator)
Marshal Sir Eahlstan Hjeldin

Men and Women-at-Arms

Hospitallers Dirra Crawfinn
Arcanist Divone Felcroth
Sergeants Sir Mynon Felcroth
Arrec Winter
Misun Grace Sethlor
Naimon Delaune
Melorra Tirentha
Vilkea of the Tehir
Lord Prion Angrave
Asheura Hafdine-Cole
Friar Ouaen
Ifanna Aynesworth
Squires Tarali MacTireg
Fionola Warburton
Pages Adalaine Couseille
Everall Dillingham
Jeneuer Linkwood
Henryk Surowiec

Founding and Purpose

The Order exists for the purpose of upholding chivalric tenets while supporting the Turamzzyrian Empire, the Barony of Vornavis, and the Freeport of Solhaven.

The Order of the Azure Sun was founded in Ivastaen 5110 by the combined efforts of Aydan, Bristenn, Eahlstan, and Melorra to provide a haven for those whose roleplay incorporates the aspects of chivalry and service to the Turamzzyrian Empire.

In Phoenatos 5116, Baron Dunrith Malwind announced at public court the inclusion of the Order of the Azure Sun into the Tomes of Immuron. This inclusion formally identifies the Order as a knightly order and grants recognition by both the Barony of Vornavis and the Empire as a whole.


"I, <name>, pledge my allegiance in sound mind to the Order of the Azure Sun, and to the Turamzzyrian Empire and its lawful sovereign.

I swear to uphold the tenets of chivalry as set forth by the Order of the Azure Sun, in service to the Turamzzyrian Empire and her people.

To strive to act in a manner befitting a representative of the Turamzzyrian Empire, both at home and abroad.

To defend the Turamyzzrian Empire and her people from threats both foreign and domestic.

To my brothers and sisters of the Order of the Azure Sun, I pledge my life, my loyalty, and my sacred honor. On this honor, I swear to put the needs of our Order and fellowship before my own if ever conflict between the two should occur."


The insignia of the Order is a fiery azure sunburst on a field of argent. In heraldic terminology it would be represented as Argent, a Sunburst Azure.


The Order of the Azure Sun does not take applications for membership. All members are expected to be on the lookout for potential candidates, particularly those showing interest or leaning toward the ideals of chivalry and the Turamzzyrian Empire. Should the rest of the Order agree that the individual has the potential we seek in a prospective squire, one of the knights will approach and offer the individual the position of squire. Squires who undergo roughly a year of instruction and training then become eligible to become full members of the Order of the Azure Sun.

The requirement that an interested party must come to the attention of a member of the Order places the initiative on the individual, but this is not intended to be a difficult matter. In general, the members of the Order of the Azure Sun would consider any degree of sincere interest to be worthy of notice and will act accordingly. Interaction with our members is a fine way to come to our attention as well as attendance of the Order's chivalric discussions and other events.