BELCH (verb)

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deep A low, guttural belch rumbles from your mouth.

lazy You let out a loud belch as you lazily scratch your backside.

rolton You belch, sounding suspiciously like an angry rolton

vomit You belch forcefully, giving a quick swallow as you feel your gorge rise.

drunk You belch drunkenly, a goofy smile plastered on your face.

long You release a long, drawn out belch. Impressive.

soft You belch softly.

explode You let loose with an explosive belch.

loud You belch lustily, reeking of garlic and ale.

strong A thunderous belch explodes from your mouth, filling the air with the stench of rancid cheese.

hearty You belch heartily, feeling satisfied.

quick You give a quick belch.

talkYou open your mouth to speak, but an unexpected belch interrupts you.

juicy You belch juicily, wiping the gastric secretions from your chin.

relief You belch loudly, feeling an immediate sense of relief.

under You belch under your breath, trying to avoid notice.