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[[File:Balley2.jpg|200px|thumb|right|Balley the Gypsy, as rendered by Tisket.]]
Maiden Balley KoraFest the Gypsy
Maiden Balley KoraFest the Gypsy

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Maiden Balley KoraFest the Gypsy
Balley, as rendered by Tisket.
Race Sylvankind
Culture Fresiawn D'ahranal
Class High Lady
Profession Empath
Affiliation(s) Sphere and Scythe, Drake Vanguards, Sovyn House
Disposition Loving,helpful,caring
Demeanor friendly
Hobbies foraging,alchemy
Likes hugs, kisses, smooches, tickles, snuggles
Dislikes drama and backstabbing
Balley the Gypsy, as rendered by Tisket.

Maiden Balley KoraFest the Gypsy


Balley is tall and has a delicately lithe build. She appears to be very young. She has bright emerald green eyes and soft, creamy white skin. She has hip-length, glossy deep red hair divided into several elegantly twisted sections and adorned with some ivy-carved green malachite beads. She has a perfectly symmetrical, delicately featured face, a slender, delicately flared nose and dimpled cheeks. Her entire face is covered in a plethora of tiny freckles. She has gleaming aspen green polish brushed onto her oval-shaped fingernails.

Balley has a twining ivy tattoo on her wrist, a green butterfly tattoo on her ankle, a tiny indigo hummingbird tattoo on her shoulder, and a jewel-toned tiny firefly tattoo on her thigh.

Balley is wearing a carved white marble trillium pendant, a slender oval ivory locket, a crystal amulet, a waist-cinched emerald faille pelisse, a platinum and emerald ivy leaf, a sphere encased silver scythe, a small crystal Sovyn pin, a pale green silk satchel embroidered with tiny cherry blossoms, a forest green flyrsilk backpack, a deep evergreen gown of subtly cascaded porraye layers, a small gold ring, a leather-lined evergreen silk bag caught with monir toggles, a tri-fold suede first aid kit with an oak toggle, a burled walnut case with a monogrammed gold plate, a silver-capped green leather ankle sheath, and some graceful evergreen silk slippers with tapered glass heels.

Family and Life Events

Balley was born in the year 5087 in the forest of the Elven Nations. An orphan from a very young age, she was raised and guided by the tribal elders. She often wandered the streets of Ta'Vaalor scrounging for food and coin trying to survive. One day a tribal elder noticed she had the gift of healing. She guided Balley to train and became an empath. So Balley trained hard and finally joined the Empath Guild. Shortly after join the guild, her gypsy ways and heart were restless and she knew she needed to leave her home and travel. The wind lead her to Landing.

Balley got settled in the Landing and felt at home for the first time in her life. She knew this is where she was meant to be. One day while healing in the TSC, she met a kind ranger named Zilin. He helped her advance and hunt. He guided her and helped her to become a lady while the dated. When their relationship ended, Balley decided to focus on herself and what she needed and wanted in life. She joined the Drake Vanguard and met many new people. She also became a member in the House of Sovyn. Life continued to excite Balley and she continued to grow and develop her talents as a healer and alchemist. She met a young rogue named Mistaia. They became fast friends and had many things in common. They decided since they were both alone and orphans they should adopt each other as sisters. This made Balley happy and feel like she was part of a family for the first time in her life. Something was still missing in her life. She missed a parental figure. A kind cleric named Mufassa took a liking to her and adopted her into his family as his daughter. She was happy to have a father and new brother named Jalodg. In early 5118, Iseo KoraFest took Balley under her wing and became her adoptive mother. Now she has many family members and feels complete.

She continued to heal and help others and eventually met a kind paladin named Evician. He helped her find herself and who she was. He also helped her come out of her shell. They dated a while before deciding they were better off as close friends. She met many other people and made many good friends. One of those was a young warrior named Zosozpage. He made her laugh and feel that she was needed and had a purpose. So they decided to date. During this time Balley decided to run for Frost Queen for the 5117 Winterfest. She was voted in as the Frost Queen on Eorgaen 7th, 5117. It was this event that made her realized she was liked and needed. Shortly after this she joined Sphere and Scythe and plans on training to become a Seer. With Zosozpage's love and support, she reigned over Winterfest and took in every moment. With him always at her side, she soon realized Zosozpage was the love of her life. Today you will often find them side by side laughing and having fun in and around Landing.


  • Sovyn House
  • Drake Vanguards
  • Sphere and Scythe
  • Ord an Dragon
  • Black Wolves


  • Singing
  • Foraging
  • Alchemy
  • Healing