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This page lists Sylvankind player characters.

Long ago, as the elves moved from the forests to build their Seven Cities, some remained and became what are now sylvans. Sylvankind are extremely rare outside of the forest, as few ever leave their wooded homes. Females are the most numerous, though males are not unheard of. They are slight and lithe, with pale complexions, sandy hair and light eyes. Sylvans move about the woodlands and hills virtually undetected, often garbed in forest green or brown.

Sylvans make their home high up in the trees, often building massive tree-cities hanging from the branches. These cities in the tree tops not only provide safety to the sylvans, but also an incredible view of their treasured woodland surroundings. Some of these cities have hundreds, even thousands, of rooms where they have been hidden from the outside world for centuries.