Block the Elements

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Block the Elements
Mnemonic [blockelements]
Type Passive Buff
Available To Warriors, Paladins
Available In Shield Specializations
Rank Square
1 6  
2 12 
3 18 
5 -


You may have been struck by an elemental blade or ball spell, but you know that you can use your shield to mitigate their effects.


Reduces the damage dealt from elemental flares and ball spell explosions. Each additional rank provides for greater damage reduction, as do larger sized shields.

Provides a random 5 to 10 crit padding, +5 for rank 2, +10 for rank 3, and -2 per shield size below tower (tower has no penalty)[1][2].

Rank 1: Random 5-10 crit padding
Rank 2: +5 crit padding (Random 10 to 15)
Rank 3: +10 crit padding (Random 15 to 20)

Shield size penalties:

Small: -6 Penalty
Medium: -4 Penalty
Large: -2 Penalty
Tower: 0 Penalty

Additional Information


Protection against a retributive flare from a fire mage:

The fire mage looks upon you with utter hatred. Flames shoot from her eyes and engulf you!
You manage to block some of the elemental damage with your eonake scaled greatshield!
  ... 10 points of damage!
  Burst of flames to neck chars skin. Yuck!
  You are stunned for 1 round!


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