Brastius (prime)

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You see Brastius Hhitechurch the Defiler.
He appears to be a Half-Elf from Ta'Faendryl.
He is tall. He appears to be young. He has piercing stormy grey eyes and tanned skin. He has very long, golden blonde hair with a black streak running through it. He has an unshaven face and slightly pointed ears.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a hand-wrought mismatched neckchain, a patinated bronze intaglio-star shaped fetish on a matte-black cloissone background, an ancient spidersilk backpack secured tightly with worn leather shoulder straps, an aged witchwood reliquary carved into an anatomical heart, a rich wine-on-honey jacquard cloak with flared pagoda sleeves, a blue vultite Brigatta wristlet, a soft leather components satchel with an old Faendryl battle standard sewn to the top, some emerald green shaalk armor, and some knee-high silver-chased black vruul skin hunting boots trimmed with polished myklian teeth and sinister black diamonds.


Portrait of Brastius Hhitechurch by the artist Divone, (c) 2012


Personal history of Lord Brastius Hhitechurch, as recorded by a humble monk of the order of Lornon:

When Brastius came to the lands, he burned with an inner fire few knew. He had secret, a dark precious secret. But he could reveal it to none, for fear of his life, until he attained such power as to protect himself.

For years he fought on, learning, gaining friends, and all the while keeping his mind shut to his secret. Some wondered why this small half-elf had decided to study the black arts of Sorcery. Surely his bloodline would serve him better as a sneak, or ranger. But that was part of Brastius' secret.

It was during these days that Brastius became familiar with the Arkati. He was particularly drawn to the Lornon Arkati, he cared little for benevolence and therefore shunned the Lornon gods. In his ponderings he was naturally drawn to others of his similar ideals. His best friend, Lady Cyhyraeth, joined him on many adventures here and together they met Sylverlocke and Laranna, Master and Mistress of House macabre. He eventually became Thaumaturgist of House Macabre, a house dedicated to educating Elanthia about the Arkati, and the strongest voice for the otherwise underrepresented Lornon deities.

On the day he earned the title of Lord, Brastius brought forth his secret for all to behold. He walked into town wearing a midnight black crown. Brastius claims he is the bastard son of an elf who was a direct descendant of Korthyr Faendryl himslef. Brastius claimed no sovreign rights over anyone still loyal to the Faendryl, however he never has backed down off his claim. Brastius claims the product of a torrid fiery romance with a common human woman and this noble elf. While the elf loved the human woman he knew their romance was to be shortlived and to his son, he gave the only thing that would later prove his nobility. th crown.

This is the reason Brastius is a sorcerer, though he is not a pure Faendryl, his magic is still as strong as any common Dark Elf because of his noble blood. Truly it was the only calling he could have answered and been happy. It gives him great satisfaction to see the open mouthed stares of the people of Elanthia when he burns vile creatures with the dark essence of their very souls.