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Burghal Gnome Enclave Release

Category: Races
Topic: Burghal Gnomes
Message #: 36
Date: 07/04/2015 02:32 AM EDT
Subject: HSN: Burghal Gnomes Enclave Released

Following the recent edicts for more trade by King Qalinor the Soverign Commander of the Crimson Legion, the Windotter gnomes living beneath the fortress city-state of Ta'Vaalor have opened their city. Any who can find their way in, are welcome to shop, visit, or just rest a while in the cool calmness of the Enclave.

Though the gnomes have lived beneath the city for "as long as it's been here", no other race had been allowed into their abode before today. Upon questioning, Lerok (an unofficial spokesgnome) admitted that the King has been aware of their presence and that papers will be required in the gnome shops as well. (It should be known that even though the King is aware of the gnome city, politeness precludes any overt mention of it. Such is the relationship between elves and gnomes.)


The Enclave is open for anyone who can find their way in. If you are stuck, ask around. There were plenty of people there tonight who know how to get in.


Aqilorn Release

Category: Races
Topic: Burghal Gnomes
Message #: 38
Date: 07/09/2015 10:04 PM EDT
Subject: Re: HSN: New Material, Aqilorn

Upon further discussion with the Burghal Gnomes living beneath Ta'Vaalor, local tailors have been appraised of a rather unique restriction in the use of aqilorn. Due to the process in which the thread of vaalorn is woven into the fabric, combining several small pieces into a single larger garment ruins the weave and destroys the fabric's unique qualities. For this reason, a single piece of the cloth large enough to create the garment is needed. Bexwell Thumbleton , speaking for the burghal weavers guild said, "We do have some small swatches of the cloth available now. However, they are really only suitable for shoes, laces, trim, and very small pouches. It may be some time before larger pieces are available and I expect them to be in limited quantities."

OOC NOTE: You may not use multiple bolts of cloth to have large items made. The cloth available now is intended for cobbling but may be used to adorn/make very small items at merchants' discretion.