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Candle Shop is a specialty shop in Solhaven. It is located in a haon and fel shop in South Market SE and sells both candles and incense. Both rooms have the same inventory, which has been BUGged.

[Candle Shop] RNUM: 13473
Filled with many burning candles, a pair of large bay windows flank the doorway. The white walls are stained a sooty yellow-grey near the ceiling, and the floor is composed of green slate and blue riverstone blocks. A red brocade curtain leads west, standing perpendicular to the glaes-topped counter at the rear of the room.


Welcome to the Candle Shop!

A clerk offers her catalog to browse.
A clerk exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a red and black spider candle           35. a golden anvil candle
  2. a pale green stylized wisp candle       36. a silvery black eight-pointed candle
  3. a fragile white wax feather candle      37. a golden sheaf of grain candle
  4. a silvery red clenched fist candle      38. an iridescent pale grey ball candle
  5. a tall golden crown-shaped candle       39. some orange bergamot incense
  6. an upright golden leaf candle           40. some blue alyssum incense
  7. a black rose candle                     41. some white water lily incense
  8. a pale ivory dagger-shaped candle       42. some pale orange blossom incense
  9. a key-embossed black candle             43. some yellow lemon verbena incense
  10. a twisted six-point star candle        44. some red rose incense
  11. a pale grey jumping dolphin candle     45. some yellow salorisa incense
  12. a flower-etched red heart candle       46. some purple lavender incense
  13. a cracked skull-shaped candle          47. some purple lilac incense
  14. a squat yellow sunburst candle         48. some pale honeysuckle incense
  15. a silvery black sword-shaped candle    49. some purple nightshade incense
  16. a snarling jackal's head candle        50. some purple mezereon incense
  17. a small golden quarter note candle     51. some yellow jasmine incense
  18. an arch-winged golden pegasus candle   52. some white gardenia incense
  19. a rose-scented red and yellow candle   53. some pink freesia incense
  20. a white flat shield-shaped candle      54. a tall black candle
  21. an upturned black scimitar candle      55. a slender indigo candle
  22. a silvery crescent moon candle         56. a plain yellow candle
  23. a slender black cat's head candle      57. a small white candle
  24. a two-headed purple serpent candle     58. a squat crimson candle
  25. a lily-scented white square candle     59. an embossed beeswax candle
  26. a sea green trident-shaped candle      60. a translucent verdigris candle
  27. an arch-winged ivory Gosaena candle    61. a conical viridian candle
  28. a coiled serpent candle                62. a square sorrel candle
  29. a pale white upturned sword candle     63. a simple violet candle
  30. a squat pierced heart candle           64. a rotund orange candle
  31. a crimson and gold lute candle         65. a two-tiered silvery candle
  32. a stylized flame candle                66. an elaborate golden candle
  33. a slit-pupilled yellow eye candle      67. a small beeswax candle
  34. a banded rolled scroll candle