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Tsoran's map

This category lists all creatures found in the Czeroth Caverns hunting area. The Czeroth Caverns hunting area is nearest to the town of Zul Logoth. It is found on the Tsoran map EN-zul-logoth.

The Czeroth Caverns are a hunting ground located near the eastern cart station in Zul Logoth.


The Czeroth Caverns themselves are a spiraling path that makes three full circles before coming to its large, open center. Nearly all of the cavern is a single path, with very few forks or multiple routes. At the beginning of the second and third spiral are cave-ins, which must be crawled over through openings to progress. A few paths lead off from the main, but they are all blocked off by cave-ins, with the exception of one which is a dangerous pitfall from the first spiral to the third which will heavily injure or kill the person who falls from it. The caves themselves are full of poison gas, which will occasionally leak from the walls. This poison is relatively weak, and only inflicts a few points of damage per round before dissipating. At the center of the caverns is a thick, glowing pool of poison, which can be entered, but will cause an individual (though weak) instance of poison every few seconds. The cave lizards and giant veabas, however, do not enter the pool, so to some extent, it is safe. The most spectacular aspect of the caverns is just to the east of the poisonous pool. There, through a crevice too small to crawl through, lies an enormous, seemingly natural crystal sculpture which is in the shape of a drake.

Notable Fauna

It is home to two creatures, the Cave lizard and the Giant veaba. There were also a few reported incidents of powerful desert griffons being found there, but it was a short lived occurrence. Interestingly, the cavern is full of veaba fossils of varying sizes, implying that they have inhabited the caverns for possibly millions of years.

Notable Flora

The Czeroth Caverns are home to the characteristic glowing moss and fungus that is found throughout all of Zul Logoth, and it is the only method through which the caverns are lit. A more significant and unique species can be found there, an ochre-colored fungus which can be scraped from the walls in small amounts by even those with no foraging capabilities. One dose fungus is known to cure any single instance of poison, no matter how severe, which is very handy within the poison filled caverns, or anywhere, for that matter. The growths of this fungus are scattered throughout the caverns, and one dose can be gathered from each every once in a while, although it requires time to grow back.

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