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The Warehouse houses the Wehnimer's Landing cobbling workshop. It is located on the east side of town a few steps east of the bridge. Several cobbling-related NPCs reside within it, including a workshop foreman, Tamariya and a warehouse manager. Supplies and instructions as to the workings of cobbling can be found there, and there is a store specifically intended to sell various goods for cobbling. Individual workshops require a fee of 1000 silvers for two hours, and the group workshops charging 300 silvers.


The swarthy workshop foreman is the head of the Wehnimer's Landing cobbling workshops. Cobblers must see him to join, and prove to him that they are worthy of progressing.

He resides on top of a large wooden platform in the nexus of the Warehouse.


The dwarven foreman stands in the middle of the workshop floor directing the flow of journeymen, apprentices, and tradesmen like a great stone in a river. His long braided beard is tucked behind his broad leather belt to keep it out of his way as he examines footwear, signs invoices, and reaches out to cuff slow-moving workers. The foreman's icy-blue eyes seem to take in everything going on around him, even when he is shouting orders.

Room Messaging

A low rumble of sound fills the air as various journeymen and tradespeople rush around the room trying to complete tasks, deliver supplies, and fill orders.

An apprentice hands the foreman a pair of boots for his approval. The workshop foreman brings the boots close to his face, examining the stitching carefully while he rubs a calloused thumb along the grain of the leather uppers. After a long pause he hands the boots back with a nod of acceptance.

The foreman carefully watches a load of hides being brought in and transferred into the back storage rooms, signing off on the manifest when he is sure the shipment is complete.

The foreman closes his eyes for a moment while he reaches up and pinches the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. He takes a deep breath, opens his eyes with a sigh, and returns to work.

The workshop foreman barks an order to a passing journeyman, who rushes off and quickly returns with a steaming mug. The foreman drains the mug while arguing with a tradesman about the price of a pallet of hides. Without looking, the foreman tosses the mug back to the waiting journeyman, who hurries off to finish his interrupted business.

The workshop foreman stands with his hands on his hips surveying the room with the air of a captain standing on the rolling deck of his ship.

The workshop foreman shouts at an apprentice who seems to be moving a bit too slowly. The pace of work suddenly picks up all around the workshop.


Tamariya is the registrar for the Wehnimer's Landing Cobbling warehouse. She appears as a snappily dressed young lass in the room description.


>look at lass
Curly auburn hair, pulled into a ponytail and tied back with a braided leather cord, frames a deeply tanned face with slightly tilted soft brown eyes. Only partially laced, Tamariya's snow-white bodice displays an ample bosom, and a tattoo of a lightning bolt with silver edges completely encircles her upper arm. Wearing baggy, royal blue breeches with the cuffs tucked neatly into half boots, her lips have a natural curl with a ready smile. Tucked nonchalantly into the waistband of her breeches, the hilt of a ruby-pommeled dagger sparkles as it catches the light.

Room messaging

Looking bored, Tamariya suddenly pulls her dagger from her waistband and tosses it directly into the center of the golem’s chest. Clapping her hands in glee, she shouts "bullseye!" (In the room description there is the following line: Occupying the chair, an abandoned stuffed steel golem with pieces of jet for eyes sits limply. Looking at the golem gives: The doll would be in perfect condition if not for the silvery paint flaking off from one of the plates that make up its armor.)

Clasping her hands behind her back, Tamariya hums softly to herself as she stands in front of the cushions, bending her knees slightly she attempts to inconspicuously stuff something behind them.

Frowning prettily, Tamariya absently caresses the hilt of her dagger, while humming a haunting melody.

Leaning against the wall, Tamariya sings a well-known lullaby in a soft soprano voice.

Leaning on the counter, Tamariya sighs heavily and screeches, "Gods above, will this day ever end!" Startling herself, she looks around slowly wondering if anyone heard her.

Inspecting a pair of boots, Tamariya shakes her head, smirks, and announces, "My aging grandmother could have done better than this, and she only has one good hand!"

Reading a thick leather-bound tome, Tamariya laughs softly to herself.

Staring at nothing in particular, Tamariya idly taps her lips with a finger.

Staring in disbelief from one set of slippers to another, Tamariya casually picks them up and dumps them in a box marked ‘rubbish’ behind the counter. In a sorrowful voice she laments, "Perhaps if we charged more, they would actually *try* to learn the art of cobbling."

Tamariya lazily thumbs through the book of patterns. Speaking quietly to herself, she snickers and says, "Ah, now these are nice. I doubt any of the louts that frequent this place could do them half the justice."

Tapping her foot and looking more than irritated, Tamariya begins rummaging around in her pocket. She retrieves her pocket watch and mutters, "If that little ale-belly is not here in five more minutes I’ll rip his braided beard right out!"

Tossing her head irritably, Tamariya murmurs, "There has to be a better way to earn a silver in this wretched town."

With hands on her hips, Tamariya paces back and forth mumbling something mostly incomprehensible, but the words "no talent," "idiots," and "oafs" are quite audible.


>ask Tamariya about book
Tamariya looks up from her work and replies, "Need a book to hold your cobbling patterns, do you? I've got a stack of those somewhere about. A blank book costs 2,000 silvers. If you'd like one, just hand me a banknote."

>ask Tamariya about learn (When asked directly after asking about a book)
A furrow crosses Tamariya's brow as she says, "Didn't we just talk about that? If you want a new pattern, just give me a banknote for 2000 silvers. Otherwise, leave me to get some work done!"

>ask lass about learn
Tamariya looks at you and says, "You'll need to choose which pattern you would like first from the master book over there". She points to an oversized book of patterns. "You can flip through the pages until you find what you are looking for. Then just tap the page and ask me again."

>ask lass about pattern
Tamariya looks at you and says, "You'll need to choose which pattern you would like first from the master book over there". She points to an oversized book of patterns. "You can flip through the pages until you find what you are looking for. Then just tap the page and ask me again."

She can also be asked about status, which will give the questioner their pattern status in the cobbling guild. For example:
>ask Tamariya about status
Tamariya scans through a massive ledger, finally stopping at an entry. After studying it for a moment, she says to you, "My records show that you are skilled enough to know 1 pattern and that you have learned 1 primary pattern."

Warehouse Manager


The elven manager glances at you with a quick smile then returns to his work. He appears to be in a constant state of motion. One moment he is examining a new delivery of pelts, the next helping one of the warehouse workers move a crate of leathers into a back store room. He stands tall, his sea-grey eyes moving continually as he keeps track of the constant flurry of activity going on in the warehouse. His silver hair is pulled back into a long braid which continually dances around his waist as he moves gracefully across the warehouse floor.

Room messaging

A low rumble of sound fills the air as various journeymen and tradespeople rush about the room trying to complete tasks, deliver supplies, and fill orders.

A merchant approaches the manager carrying a long list of orders that needs to be filled. Together they go from pallet to pallet, examining hides, feathers, skins, and selections of exotic leather. Soon a large pile of merchandise is sitting on the counter being boxed while the bill is being tallied under the watchful eyes of both the merchant and the manager.

A small wagon filled with crates and boxes pulls into the warehouse. The burly driver carefully backs the wagon towards the low unloading platform, clicking his tongue and gently pulling back on the reins to keep his team calm and slow in the middle of the bustling warehouse.

A worker approaches the warehouse manager who is deep in conversation with a deliveryman. With a smile, he hands a plate of fresh bread, slices of hard cheese, and small pieces of fruit to the manager, who takes it with mumbled thanks and begins to nibble absently.

The manager carefully examines a new load of puma hides. His fingers carefully caress both sides of the hide as he lifts it close to his face, searching for any blemishes or flaws.

The warehouse manager moves quickly about the warehouse, constantly in motion; peeking into store rooms, calling out orders to passing warehouse workers, or taking a moment to share greetings with a neighborhood merchant.

The warehouse manager holds up a griffin feather to the light, examining the color and the density of the quill before agreeing to purchase the shipment.


>ask manager about hide
The warehouse manager looks at you with a quick smile, "We have many items for sale, you would probably be better served by reading the sign over there." He directs your attention to a clearly marked sign hanging on the other side of the counter. "Our hides, leathers, and pelts would all be appropriate for use in footwear. That is if you know what you're doing."

>ask manager about order
The manager stops for a moment and glances at you while nibbling on a slice of cheese, "We have many different types of leather, pelts, and hides stored here. If you are interested in purchasing some of our products take a peek at that sign up there and tell me what you would like. Please order by item number if you would, that makes life easier for the workers in the back, and remember, we only accept paper currency." The warehouse manager crosses his arms and looks at you with a smile, "So, just give me an item number, or give me a "No", either way I can get back to work."

>ask manager about silver
The warehouse manager looks up at you from the invoice he is going over, "Well the cost would depend on what it was you were trying to buy. Some of our items are fairly common, others are quite rare. The costs are all posted over there on that sign." He directs your attention to a clearly posted sign that is hanging above the counter.