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Custom nightmares are player-written nightmares seen in game by casting a Nightmare Curse upon another player, or by eating a black essence rose. Custom nightmares must go through QC before being implemented and thus are a delayed service.

To access a custom nightmare, use PREP 715 | CURSE {TARGET} NIGHTMARE 99 to cast the spell, or ILLUSION ROSE 99 to make a black essence rose.

Working within the framework of game policy, it should be obvious that certain subject matter that is truly horrific can't be allowed as a custom nightmare. -GM Strathspey

When creating a custom nightmare, the following items are required:

  • The opening paragraph to the Nightmare. Try to keep it succinct (i.e. < 300 characters), although it can be longer.
  • The second paragraph to the Nightmare. Try to keep it succinct (i.e. < 300 characters), although it can be longer.
  • A generic word (one word) that will work for the various pre-set damage messaging that follows


Holding you in his gaze, Strath utters a foul curse upon you in Elven.
CS: +509 - TD: +31 + CvA: +19 + d100: +69 - -5 == +571
Warding failed!
You shiver as a cold wind suddenly blows through the area. It was probably nothing.
An ominous black haze edges around your vision. As you struggle to focus, you suddenly feel yourself teetering in the top of a very tall tree. -----> opening paragraph
The tree in which you're trying to keep steady is very ugly. Oh no, you just fell out! Your body crashes into the boughs and limbs as they rush up at you... -----> second paragraph
You suffer a devastating strike! -----> "strike" is the generic word for this nightmare
... 62 points of damage!
You are stunned!
You are able to move again.
An incredible strike leaves you reeling! -----> that one word again, "strike"
... 66 points of damage!
You are stunned!