D.H. Cobbling Outlet

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D.H. Cobbling Outlet is the cobbling shop in Zul Logoth. It is located in a squat stone building in the Sapphire Tunnel to the east of town just east of the locksmith and also contains the cobbling workshop.

[D.H. Cobbling Outlet, Stock]
A wide steel counter runs along a parallel section of the western wall that has been fitted with sliding drawers housing a variety of skins, pelts, hides, and other cobbling supplies. Thick inventory lists have been bound together in a book that rests on a table off to one side. The mingled scents of leatherworking, tanning, and dying drift in from several directions. You also see a short dwarven stock manager that is lying down.


Welcome to D.H. Cobbling Outlet Stockroom!

A dwarven stock manager offers his catalog to browse.
A dwarven stock manager exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a tanned rolton hide           9. some light tanned leather
  2. a tanned orc hide              10. a length of knotted cord
  3. a tanned cave lizard skin      11. a short cutting knife
  4. a tanned wormling skin         12. a wedge of greyish white chalk
  5. a tanned troll zombie skin     13. a small leather pouch
  6. a tanned undertaker bat skin   14. a set of thick burlap laces
  7. some heavy tanned leather      15. a set of braided wool laces
  8. some medium tanned leather

  Backroom Catalog
  16. a small vial of dye

Options for item #16

This item is available in the following colors or finishes:

  1. silvery               15. cobalt               29. burgundy
  2. white                 16. violet               30. peach
  3. ivory                 17. lavender             31. russet
  4. ecru                  18. amethyst             32. brown
  5. yellow                19. purple               33. umber
  6. pale green            20. plum                 34. black
  7. celadon               21. magenta              35. pink
  8. viridian              22. claret               36. blush
  9. emerald               23. crimson              37. grey
  10. turquoise            24. garnet               38. dark
  11. cerulean             25. scarlet              39. dusky
  12. blue                 26. red                  40. pearly
  13. indigo               27. vermilion            41. golden
  14. sapphire             28. wine