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The DIRECTION verb allows players to receive automated movement suggestions to move to points of interest within a town. The directions for the next step take about 5-7 seconds after moving a room, thus repeatedly sending the DIR {LOCATION} command every room is faster. The directions will also continue until either the character reaches the destination (I knew you could make it!) or DIR STOP is entered.


Here are the places I can help you find in Icemule Trace:
   Town Square        - A common gathering area
   Temple             - The local Religious Establishment
   Healer             - The Local Empath
   Herbalist          - For those aches and scratches
   Armory             - For those needing a fresh suit (of armor)
   Weaponry           - For those who think sharper is better
   Furrier            - Purchaser of fine skins and pelts
   Pawnshop           - Place to sell odds and ends
   Bank               - A safe place to stash cash
   Town/City Hall     - Administration offices are here
   Gemcutter          - Sell your bright baubles here
   Tavern             - For quaffing and swapping lie... tales of adventure
   Inn                - Resting, training, and some privacy
   General Store      - For miscellaneous supplies
   Locksmith          - Lockpicks sold here
   Silverwood Manor   - For new adventurer help
   North Gate         - Access to the world beyond
   East Gate          - Access to the world beyond
   West Gate          - Access to the world beyond
   South Gate         - Access to the world beyond
   Alchemist          - Magic component shop
   Clothier           - Clothing shop
   Cleric shop        - Priestly items
   Constabulary       - Where the law resides
   Travel office      - Hire a guide for distant travels
   Adventurer's Guild - Complete tasks for wealth and experience
DIR {location}
>dir town square
Directions towards Town Center: South.
DIR {location} {number of steps}
>dir town square 4
Directions towards Town Square Central: South, South, Southeast, and you're there.
>dir stop
The direction reminder has been shut off.