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The Demonwall is a wall that was constructed from 4847 to 4909. It runs from the Dragonspine Mountains to the Southron Wastes, beginning near Barrett's Gorge and ending near Ba’Lathon (also known as the Wizardwaste and former site of Toullaire).

The wall was ordered built by Emperor Wayrick Anodheles as a response to the increasing threat of demonspawn. The demonspawn were the result of demons loosed during the Third Elven War, which bred with indigenous fauna. The result were terrible beasts which plagued the people of the region. The construction of the wall was under the direction of the Eastern Sentinel. Not long after the wall was begun, Wayrick ordered the Order of the Golvern Star to help man the expanse and protect against the demonspawn. As a result, the Order permanently assigned 150 knights (at the time) to guard the wall.

In 5080, Emperor Haldelas began the extension of the Demonwall from the Wizardwaste (Toullaire) to the western coast.

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