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Imperial Sentinels are the highest ranked military commanders in the Turamzzyrian Empire, beneath only the Emperor. They are each tasked with guarding their region of the empire and keeping the peace against threats from beyond the borders, or from rebellions within. The sentinels are typically chosen from the most esteemed nobility of each region, though the positions are not hereditary.

Northern Sentinel

The Northern Sentinel oversees the frontier provinces of Talador, Jantalar, Mestanir, Vornavis, and Riverwood. The more populous regions of North Hendor, South Hendor, and Seareach also fall within the position's authority. As Wehnimer's Landing lies just north of imperial land, the Northern Sentinel has often been involved in the town's affairs. The position was previously held by Eddric Jovery, Earl of North Hendor. Upon Earl Jovery's retirement from the role, it was granted to Thadston Andrews by Imperial decree on the 19th of Eorgaen, 5123.

Southern Sentinel

The Southern Sentinel oversees the old imperial heartland of Estoria, Allace, Aldora, and Chastonia on the borders of the Southron Wastes, and guards against the demons and undead of that region, where many recent wars have been fought against the Horned Cabal. The position was previously held by Bannon Chandrennin, Duke of Aldora and upon his death, granted to his eldest son and heir, Gerjonn Chandrennin.

Eastern Sentinel

The Eastern Sentinel oversees the rugged provinces of Bourth, Highmount, and Trauntor on the borders of the Elven Nations, keeping watch for threats from Wyrdeep Forest and the Demonwall. Previously, the position was held by Earl Feurstein of Honneland. On the 19th of Eorgaen, 5123, Lord Salnim Malwind was granted the position by Imperial decree.

Western Sentinel

The emperor serves as Western Sentinel in addition to their primary title.

Royal Magister

While not one of the regional sentinels, the Royal Magister is their equal in authority and is responsible for the practice of all arcane arts within the empire. The position is held hereditarily by the House of Kestrel.