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Storyline Cross Into Shadows
Gender male
Race Human
Status dead
Alias/Title Councilman, Shapeshifter
Baron Kuligar (assumed form)


You see Deylan.
He appears to be a Humanoid.
He is tall and appears to be in the prime of life.  He has bright pale orange eyes and light skin.  He has shoulder length, silky yellow-white hair worn in a ponytail.  He has a smooth face, a thin nose and sharp cheekbones.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a black feather-trimmed hat, a crystal amulet, a soft grey pack, a grey-trimmed black leather doublet, a thin black leather scabbard, a small grey money pouch, some crisp black brocade breeches, and a pair of polished black boots.


Deylan was appointed to the town council in 5112. He is said to have met Walkar years ago, and when asked where he comes from, he has answered "a little bit of everywhere." His official function on the town council is to serve as a representative to other towns and nations, working to foster and strengthen alliances. Rumors suggest he also acts as a spy.

During the coronation festival in Lormesta of 5115 for Baron Kuligar in Talador he was killed by the urnon golem Madelyne Cross, the daughter of Elithain Cross. Upon his death though he shape shifted back into Deylan who had been impersonating the Baron for some time after he fell from his horse and was killed.

This reveal showed why he had been such an effective spy.