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2017 Inventory

a large red cottage-shaped wagon, [Map Room 32], Lich #26516, go cottage wagon (Caligos Isle, Cliff Trail)

[At Face Value] RNUM: 26517
Thick, blue smoke hovers near the curved ceiling, the aroma of pipe tobacco clinging to the wares displayed in wire baskets suspended from large metal hooks affixed to the rafters. Stocked shelves line the wall behind a heavily lacquered countertop piled high with unopened boxes and string-wrapped packages. A small lantern sputters atop a low table next to an overstuffed chair in one corner, an ancient-looking tabby cat curled up on a worn footstool nearby.
Obvious exits: out
The masks on the table will temporarily alter your features.  Makeup items are found on the counter including lipstick vials, eyeshadow cases, and eyeliner sticks.

On the low table you see:

Feature Masks
a smooth driftwood mask
Complexion: lightly tanned 
Hair: long, sunbleached copper hair tangled with seaweed
Eyes: watery ocean-hued eyes 
pin-worn 500000
a ribbon-tied ivory mask
Complexion: ivory 
Hair: very long, straight frost white hair strewn with crystal snowflakes
Eyes: snow-lashed pallid blue eyes 
a gear-fused copper mask
Complexion: pallid 
Hair: short, spiky copper hair riddled with electrum-hued highlights
Eyes: gold-sparked vivid green eyes 
a crude ebonwood mask
Complexion: smooth ebony 
Hair: long, matted pitch black hair worn in long coils and strung with crude wooden beads
Eyes: gold-ringed dark umber eyes 

In the baskets you see:

a fake bushy brown moustache pin-worn 5000
a hooked wart-covered wax nose
some crudely carved wooden teeth
a pair of large red wax lips
a pair of fake bushy black eyebrows
an eyepatch set with a bright blue glass marble
a pair of fake green goblin ears sprouting tufts of hair

On the countertop you see:

an ash grey kohl stick 5000
a lapis blue kohl stick
a silvery black kohl stick
a blood red cream-filled vial
a winter rose cream-filled vial
a lavender cream-filled vial
a coral powder-filled case
a seafoam powder-filled case
an aquamarine powder-filled case

2015 Inventory

a patchwork-curtained wooden wagon, Room 54, Lich #20297, go wagon

[At Face Value] RNUM: 21432
Vibrant patchwork curtains adorn the single window, the sill lined with little miniatures of different towns that glisten in the moonlight. A ramshackle case is pushed along one side, the wares within neatly arranged despite the chaos of the room. A small table sits in the center of the room, topped with mirrors of different sizes and shapes. A well-used travel trunk sits on the floor near a a purple patchwork partition.
Obvious exits: out

On the Table you see

an emerald-inlaid ruic hand mirror 10000
a spike-handled steel mirror framed with tiny thorns
a polished champleve hand mirror
a cracked twisted wooden mirror
a small oak-framed mirror carved with tiny birds
a petite glass hand mirror

In the Case you see

a sanguine-veined blackened silver spike flippable piercing jewelry 30000
a spiraled electrum ring 30000
a rusted filigree ring 30000
some dainty cloissone rings 30000
a trio of matte steel spikes 30000
a dull silver needle 50000
some tri-tiered vaalin rings 30000

In the Trunk you see

a dull scratched oak comb 20000
a rusted gold tri-pronged haircomb
a petite scrollwork-engraved haircomb
a scarred ash haircomb
a blackened steel-tined comb

Go partition

[At Face Value, Workshop] RNUM: 21433
Mirrors line the back wall of this small room, arranged in a circular pattern around a brightly painted sign. A shelf displaying different beard trimming implements rests above a scarred wooden table that sits in one corner. Some patchwork pillows have been strewn about the floor, the vibrant colors brightening up the space.
Obvious exits: out

On the Table you see

a distinguished fake raven-hued beard pin-worn 5000
a fake gnarly grey beard
a fake ginger beard tied with pretty ribbons
a fake long blonde beard twisted into a multitude of braids