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2017 Inventory

a jade-tiled ebonwood entry, [Map Room 4], Lich #26418, go entry


[Made to Measure, Boutique]
The intimate boutique is papered an intense viridian hue on the walls, posing a striking contrast with the lustrous black fel flooring underfoot. Delicate silver chimes strung with paper-thin nacreous shells hang above an ornate crystalline carousel holding jewel-colored bottles. Faceted sea glass sconces diffuse a soft lotus scent in the air, while illuminating a dark-grained maoral wardrobe and a pale thanot bureau nestled in the back corner.
Obvious exits: north, out

In the dark-grained maoral wardrobe you see:

Metallic gowns
a corseted moire silk gown colored a brilliant eahnor red Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items
chest-worn 85000
an ebon sarcenet cotehardie paneled with silver-woven figury
an indigo cendal gown with iridescent platinum-toned tracery
a rose gold velveteen gown grazed with tiny bronze oak leaves
a kelyn-hued silk gown caught by a collar of cloisonne tiles
a tailored bliaut of shadowy grey and rolaren-hued bourde
a delicately draped gown of jet-swirled faenor green porraye
a lustrous argent damask gown with rain-like imflass beading
a verdigris damask gown brightened by veins of copper thread
a cobalt waved camlet cotehardie with feras-hued embroidery

In the ornate crystalline carousel you see:

Nail polish
a dark amethyst glass bottle She has glimmering dark amethyst lacquer brushed onto her softly rounded fingernails. 25000
a raven black glass bottle She has an azure-swept raven black gloss brushed onto her tapered fingernails.
an autumnal gold glass bottle She has a burnished autumnal gold glaze brushed onto her manicured fingernails.
an aspen green glass bottle She has gleaming aspen green polish brushed onto her oval-shaped fingernails.
a burgundy glass bottle She has copper-glazed burgundy lacquer brushed onto her faintly squared fingernails.

In the pale thanot bureau you see:

Vanne fans
a ruby-blushed herringbone lace fan Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
one item
a haon-vaned blue ramie silk fan
a vert-jeweled pale raw linen fan
a gilt-spoked tawny byssine fan
a gossamer and cloth-of-silver fan
a fel-bladed verdant chiffon fan
a nacre-beaded ebony jacquard fan
a sheer-pleated smoky organza fan
a viridian-spun dupioni silk fan
a glaes-slatted onyx brocatelle fan


[Made to Measure, Haberdashery]
The color scheme of the haberdashery is reversed from the boutique, the walls paneled in rich ebon fel and the floors tiled in vibrant green malachite and jade. The broad side wall is stacked with scroll-carved black willow shelves situated over a divided walnut chest. Spherical crystal-domed lamps brighten a glass-inset ironwood case that rests next to a sleek marble archway.
Obvious exits: south

In the divided walnut chest you see:

Rustic Clothing
You analyze the blue muslin shirt and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
This item has the "Rustic Clothing" script on it, originally released in 5108.  Alterations are fine as long as the item is a worn clothing item.  Available verbs: PINCH, PULL, PUSH, and RUB.

There are no tiers.
a sleek obsidian black matte silk tunic Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
one item
chest-worn 30000
a tailored forest green chainsil tunic
a long-sleeved pale ivory cambric tunic
a tanik-fastened slate blue muslin shirt
a simply cut dark golden cordovan shirt
a silver-infused charcoal broadcloth shirt

In the glass-inset ironwood case you see:

a copper-stitched hunter green linen jacket with split tails Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
an iron grey tweed jacket finished with fel-buttoned cuffs
a walnut-hued twill jacket woven with bronzed silk threading
a midnight blue perse jacket flanked by finely angled lapels
a stormy black silk velvet jacket with satin-banded pockets
a slim dark carmine burel jacket piped with gilded brocade

In the black willow shelves you see:

The creator has also provided the following information:
You can WEAR, REMOVE, GLANCE, or GAZE at the pauldrons.
The pauldrons must remain pauldrons, but can be altered normally.
some segmented pauldrons edged in cylindrical hazel beading cloak-worn 40000
a pair of wide-set buckskin pauldrons scorched with dark glyphs
a pair of rowan-framed pauldrons lined with padded gold silk
some broad yierka hide pauldrons banded with green malachite
a pair of brushed leather pauldrons bordered in copper knots
some thin-ridged monir pauldrons inset with silvered spirals

You need to purchase a service pass to enter the archway.