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the first Eye Of Seeing was sold at the Ebon Gate 2009 auction, and subsequently a twin was sold at the Great Auction of 2016.


an eye-shaped ruby periapt

The eye-shaped ruby periapt is lit with a weak red inner light.


  • Scans the room periodically for hidden and invisible creatures and persons.
  • Can be sped up by using SEND {mana} periapt
  • Has room wide messaging

Analyze Info

You analyze your eye-shaped ruby periapt and sense that the item cannot be altered in any way.

The creator has also provided the following information:
This eye-shaped ruby periapt will to try show hidden or invisible players and creatures in a room, exactly like the Presence spell.

The periapt does not use charges and it must be worn to be active.  At its base rate, it will fire every 5 minutes, and it can be speeded up from that base rate up to a maximum rate of fire of once every 5 seconds.

To increase the periapt's rate of firing, it must have power.  The SEND verb is used to power it up (SEND {amount} periapt).

When the periapt is active (i.e., it's being worn) and has energy stored in it (which speeds it up), it will consume 1,000 points of that stored energy per pulse.  Remove it to turn it off.

The periapt can hold 90,000 points of energy, maximum.  If power is sent to the periapt when it's at maximum energy, there's a 10% chance the sender gets zapped, the amount of zappage is based on the amount of points sent.

LOOKing at the periapt will provide an estimate of how fully charged it is.  When the periapt glows with an intense inner red light (at around 30,000 stored power), it has reached its maximum rate of firing once every 5 seconds.  When it is powered up fully to 90,000 it will glow with a brilliant red light.

The eye-shaped ruby periapt cannot be altered.

You get no sense of whether or not the periapt may be further lightened.


Your eye-shaped ruby periapt gleams momentarily with a weak red inner light.
You become aware of everyone near you...
You do not detect any hidden or invisible people.
You become aware of creatures near you...
You do not detect any hidden or invisible creatures.


Category: World Events, Festivals, and Storylines
Topic: The Great Auction of 5116
Message #: 3
Date: 02/05/2017 11:34 PM
Subject: Re: eye-shaped ruby periapt bugged?

The eye-shaped ruby periapt has been given an update and an upgrade.

The formula for the amount of power received by the periapt has been changed to "mana sent + (mana share bonus x 2)."

The maximum amount of power it can store has been increased to 90,000, which means the item will run for 60 seconds at its peak rate of firing every 5 seconds before the firing rate starts to slow down.

Note that the item doesn't consume power when it's not being worn, and it can be powered up by more than one person at a time.

Also, the user will no longer be knocked out of hiding or invisibility when the item fires.

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