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a large white leather tent, [North Ring Road], Lich #280, go white tent

[Palace of the Godking]
Thick walls of white leather circle around to form a huge pavilion, each wall emblazoned with the image of a large golden crown. A sweet aroma drifts from some candles stacked on an altar, where three robed acolytes kneel in hushed prayer. Large gold-inlaid racks line up on the sides of a circular white oak table.
Obvious exits: out

On the table you see:

a speckled white marble shrine 20000
a gold-whorled white marble altar 20000
some white lambskin footwraps 4x? UAC boots, scripted? 50000
a pair of white leather buskins 4x UAC boots, scripted 50000
a white and gold silk prayer rug 50000
a white cloth meditation mat emblazoned with a golden crown 50000
some gold and white leather gauntlets 4x UAC gloves, scripted 50000
some white lambskin handwraps 4x UAC gloves, scripted? 50000

On the racks you see:

a polished white-gold Koar talisman pin-worn 10000
a gold crown-capped white steel ring finger-worn 8000
some shimmering golden topaz leg-bands leg-worn 6000
some shimmering golden topaz armbands arm-worn 6000
a slender white oak staff capped with a sparkling golden topaz crown staff 25000
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