Fairy primrose

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Fairy primrose
Uses Alchemy
Only found on Glo'antern Moor.
Climate Terrain
 ? Arid
 ? Arid Temperate
✓ Cold Damp
 ? Cold Dry
 ? Freshwater
 ? Hot Damp
 ? Humid
 ? Moist
 ? Saltwater
 ? Snowy Arctic
 ? Temperate
 ? Barren Scrub
 ? Coniferous
 ? Cultivated
 ? Deciduous
✓ Grassland
 ? Hard Flat
 ? Hilly
 ? Mountainous
 ? Muddy Wetlands
 ? Plain Dirt
 ? Riparian
 ? Rough
 ? Sandy
 ? Subterranean
 ? Tropical

Fairy Primrose can only be foraged in the Glo'antern Moor, west of Zul Logoth.

Fairy primrose is a key ingredient in some scintillating prismatic oil, the first infuse recipe available in the Potions subskill of Alchemy for Wizards and Sorcerers.


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By human legend, the name "fairy primrose" is far more accurate than fanciful. These legends claim that six-inch-tall elves with wings like dragonflies make their homes beneath the deep green leaves of fairy primrose. As a result, the little flowers of the fairy primrose became a symbol of enchantment, and the gift of a fairy primrose says that the recipient is akin to one of the magical creatures.