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A potion is a vial or container holding a certain type of liquid. Potions are bottled versions of effects, such as those of a magical spell, or healing herb. A character must DRINK a potion to gain the effects. It is also possible to apply a potion's effect to someone else using POUR if the subject is incapacitated or dead.


Small, potent, bottled preparations of medicinal herbs, these potions act just as their less concentrated herb counterparts. They are especially handy as replacements for herbs that cannot be bundled, like yabathilium fruit. Some herbs, such as brostheras potion, are only effective in tincture form: the natural brotheras grass has no healing effect if digested directly.

Tinctures are mechanically considered a subset of spell-embedded potions, using spells from the Former Empath Base circle.

Spell-Embedded Potions

Shopkeepers and alchemists may provide potions that hold magic spells, typically with a temporary defensive effect.

Unlike most other magic items, spell potions require no skill in Magic Item Use and do not incur any cast roundtime on activation. As a drawback to not taking skill training into account, there is also no way to increase their effect duration.

Special Uses

Many other activities including enchanting, ensorcellment, and runestones require the use of specialized potions.