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<onlyinclude>{{Recipe card
|Quantifier = Some  
|Quantifier = Some  
|Product = fine sanguine flakes
|Product = fine sanguine flakes
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#Add [[ayanad crystal]]
#Add [[ayanad crystal]]
#[[Chant]] [[Heal (1101)]]
#[[ALCHEMY CHANT (verb)|Chant]] [[Heal (1101)]]
{{Recipe end}}</onlyinclude>
''Dull orange haze indicates success''

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Fine sanguine flakes can be thrown at a target to cast Harm, or thrown untargetted to cast Heal and restore 10 blood to the thrower.

Profession Empath
Discipline Trinkets
Spell 1101
Uses 10
Rank taught 2
Rank end 13
Location West

Alchemy Recipe

Some fine sanguine flakes
  1. Add powder solution
  2. Add 2 doses of kobold skin from kobolds
  3. Boil
  4. Add powdered dark red-green bloodstone
  5. Simmer
  6. Add ayanad crystal
  7. Chant Heal (1101)

Dull orange haze indicates success