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Storyline Laboratory Lamentations
Gender female
Race gnome
Culture Withycombe
Status alive
Relationship(s) Fryc (employee of), Zelwixit (sister)


Fizwixit is an employee of Fryc and works for the Fryc and Shives Laboratory. Fizwixit is responsible for the mechanical flowers, a pure form of clockwerke engineering she's happy to announce, that the rare mechanical beetle mounts produce.

She is twin sister to Zelwixit, though Zelwixit is quick to point out that she (Zelwixit) is the tidier of the two.

Fizwixit has mentioned calling their mom to sort out the issues with Fryc and Shives, though Zelwixit was quick to point out that Fiz (that's what she calls her) wouldn't do that because then she'd have to deal with what mom would have to say about her recent hair cut.


You see Fizwixit the Assistant Tinkerer-Engineer.
She appears to be a Burghal Gnome.
She is petite.  She appears to be young and sprightly.  She has gold-sparked rhimar blue eyes and nut brown skin.  She has short, spiky faenor green hair with ebon tips.  She has a finely boned face, an upturned nose and a tiny cog-shaped scar on the left temple.
She has an intricate metallic inking of interlocking gears surrounding the letters "FSL" on her wrist.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a copper and brass ferrigem, a battered leather rucksack fastened with brass cogs, a grease-stained cotton shirt with rolled up sleeves, a tiny copper-geared beetle, a gadget-covered belt, a pair of black suede knee-breeches, and some sturdy leather boots.

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