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This category contains information about current and past storylines that occurred on the grounds of Rumor Woods.

Storyline History

Rumor Woods has featured mini-storylines associated with each of its runs, with the storylines tying in directly to that year's overall theme. The different storylines share an evolving series of vignettes, expansion of the festival event grounds and offerings, as well as occasional in-game roleplay events. Each year's storyline also features a different set of tournament mascots.

2019 - Tourney of the Serpent and the Phoenix

2020 - Tourney of the Coney and the Hare

2021 - Tourney of the Stag and the Lion

2022 - Tourney of the Unicorn and the Dragon

2023 - Tourney of the Rolton and the Wolf

  • Rolton mounts are introduced
  • Lamb pets are introduced
  • The Tourney of the Rolton and the Wolf was won by the Wolf all three instances

2024 Tourney of the Beetle and the Spider

Important NPCs


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