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[[Image:Geijon charging trees.jpg|thumb|Geijon as rendered by [[Tisket]]]]
Super rough.  
Super rough.  

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Geijon as rendered by Tisket

Super rough.

Geijon Khyree
Race Giantman
Culture T'Kirem Bear Clan
Profession Warrior
Religion Kai
Affiliation(s) Leader of the Order of the Silver Gryphon, Officer of House of the Rising Phoenix, and member of the Landing Defense Irregulars
Spouse Evialla


You see Sir Geijon Khyree Defender of Wehnimer's Landing
He appears to be a Giantman of the T'Kirem Clan.
He is very tall. He appears to be advanced in years. He has keen glacial blue eyes and tanned skin. He has long, wind-tousled golden brown hair shot through with fine silvery strands. He has an angular face, a straight nose and a small goatee. He has an armored earthworm covered in chitinous ebon plates sitting on his shoulder.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a fang-inset greathelm painted with a red-eyed bear visage, a ghastly yew seed pendant suspended by a length of sinew, a gold-linked livery collar with a firestone inset winged phoenix emblem, a white bearskin cloak caught at the shoulder by an onyx-backed nacreous shield, a platinum-bound ebonwood badge, a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, a silver clenched fist symbol marked with crimson streaks, a pair of golden spurs, a stylized golden griffin pin, a golden phoenix pin, an imflass threaded war harness slung over his shoulder, a capacious black canvas backpack, and a long black wool surcoat emblazoned with a white shield over some smoothly articulated mithril field plate reinforced with rolaren, some mithril-traced thick ora arm greaves detailed with argent rampant gryphons, a pair of silvery mithril-scaled gauntlets, a resplendent pearl ring inset with a square black and white shield, an onyx and ruby wedding band, a crimson mithril signet ring set with a burnished silver arm and clenched fist, an onyx-buckled black leather belt, a mithril mail sheath, a gleaming mithril mesh satchel, a rune-carved minotaur horn cylinder, some etched rolaren leg greaves, and some supple black leather boots with a reinforced metal shin clasped with mother-of-pearl shields.