Gentledove (prime)

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Gentledove Di'Amore

I grew up in an orphanage that my parents ran. With the name my mother gave me, I was always pressured into growing up as something less warrior-like..something empathish or clerical. That was never my forte though, I always liked the challenge of the hunt, the fear of not knowing if I was up to the task I had set myself, and then the elation of mastering what I had set out to do.

Then one day I just up and left, I said my goodbyes to my parents and the other children at the orphanage and set out on my own. I eventually ended up in The Landing, stayed for a bit, then wandered to Rivers Rest for a time. The Landing drew me back though, and again I was off to Icemule for some time there. Then back to The Landing..then off to Solhaven for a long while. Until I ended back up in The Landing again. All the cities hold a special place in my heart, but The Landing has a way of drawing you back nto what ever hold it has on any given person.

Every place has shaped me in some way into the Warrior I am today, be it the people, events, occurances or just plain sitting and listening. I would never change a thing, the good or the bad. Regret has no room in my heart. Everything happens for a purpose, all you can do is adapt.