Glowing Zircon Gem Shop

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Glowing Zircon Gem Shop is the jewelry shop in Icemule Trace. It is located two blocks south of the bank on Trader's Way, and also serves as the town's gemshop. The jewelry shop is located in the alcove.

[Glowing Zircon Gem Shop] RNUM: 2422
Apprentices, all lined up in a row at a short steel counter, work diligently grading and sorting the incoming stones and precious gems under the eagle eye of their supervisor. An assortment of jeweler's loupes, polishing cloths, and sizing charts lay close to hand, ready to help in the evaluation of the merchandise. You also see a small alcove and the gemcutter Zirconia.
Obvious exits: east, out
[Glowing Zircon, Showroom] RNUM: 8976
Decorated in rich, but subdued shades, the showroom gives a feeling of understated comfort while providing little to draw attention away from the sparkling wares. Overhead, a chandelier strung with quartz prisms provides ample lighting for a brushed silver jewelry stand sitting atop a long glass display case. The back wall is occupied by ornately carved shelves holding a collection of curios. You also see an arcana table with some stuff on it, a half-hidden lidded crate with some stuff on it and a glass-fronted cabinet with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west
[Glowing Zircon Gem Shop] RNUM: 3761
A long display case sits in this alcove, showing off Zirconia's finest works. At one end of the display case, a finely carved oak table supports a zircon-encrusted silver sign. You also see a polished oak counter.


Welcome to Glowing Zircon Gem Shop!

Zirconia offers his catalog to browse.
Zirconia exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. an engagement ring           6. a pair of pearl earrings
  2. a jewelled engagement ring   7. a large gold earring
  3. a simple wedding band        8. an onyx medallion
  4. a jewelled wedding band      9. a diamond bracelet
  5. a strand of pearls           10. a diamond pendant